28 Day Workout Challenge – May 3-30, 2021


Join the 28 Day Workout with Salma to start of 2021 on a strong note!
Each day you get a new workout video in your email inbox. Workouts change each day, including cardio, strength training, ab workouts, yoga stretching and more. The videos range from 12 mins – 25 mins each.
The challenge comes with a simple fitness test, an accountability group and support from a certified personal trainer. (Scroll down for more detailed info)

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Do you need to add more movement into your life? Do you need motivation to move? Or do you want to challenge yourself? Then my 28 Day Challenge might be just the thing for you.
28 Day Challenge The 28 Day Challenge, starts on Monday May 3, 2021. Each day you will get a new workout video in your email  inbox. Each day will be different. You will get cardio, strength training, tabata, ab workouts, yoga stretching videos and more!
The workouts range from 12 minutes long to 28 minutes long, taking into consideration, each workout you’ve done the day before and how your body will be feeling.
There will be a special FB accountability and motivation group that you will be invited to join.
You will also get a Fit Test, prior to the start of the challenge. It’ll have a handful of exercises to do. You will record how many reps you were able to do. Then you will redo the Fit Test at the end of the 28 days to see how your fitness level has improved!
The cost of the 28 Day Challenge is just $1 a day!
All you have to do is take that first step and commit to the challenge.

I am a certified personal trainer and will be there for you every step of the way, helping motivate, answering any questions and giving you any modifications that you need.

For this challenge, you will need at least one set of dumbbells and a mini band. A yoga mat is helpful as well. Once you purchase the program, I will share links of where you can buy all the items.

Join the  28 Day Workout Challenge and feel, stronger, happier and healthier! I can’t wait to workout with you!


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