10 Fun Mom’s Night Out Ideas

A Mom’s night out is a must! As much as you love your family, getting a night off to enjoy yourself with some of your friends can be relaxing and therapeutic.

Even though I don’t do it as often as I like, when I do get out, it’s a great little break where I don’t have take care of anyone else and I can just have a little fun. A mom’s night out is also a great way to maintain and cultivate relationships with other-like minded moms.

10 Fun Mom's Night Out Ideas

The usual movie nights, painting nights and wine evenings are great but I thought I’d put together a list of a few different but equally exciting Mom’s Night Out Ideas. These are not only fun, but they require no work on your part what-so-ever. 

Fun Ideas for a Mom’s Night Out

1. Bowling
Bowling is always a great option for a family night out so why not try it for a girls night? You can still chat, be active and have a blast!

2. Sewing class
If you like getting creative but have enough paintings a home, try a sewing class. I recently had an evening with friends at the Cutting Room. There was pizza and wine and we learned, step by step, how to sew our own tote bags (with some help.) I love my bag and would definitely do another girls night there.

10 Fun Mom's Night Out Ideas - sewing night
Tote bags from a mom’s night out at The Cutting Room

3. Karaoke
If you like singing in a shower, then karaoke is great for a girl’s/mom’s night out. You can rent a private room and belt out your favourite tunes with your favourite gals.

4. Go to an event
There are always events and fundraisers happening in the community put on by the city, businesses, friends etc. Even though you may never consider going alone if you got a little group of mom pals together it would be a good excuse to dress up and have fun together. You may even make some new friends or connections.

10 Fun Mom's Night Out Ideas - an event

5. Foot massage
If there are only a few of you, try going for a reflexology foot massage together. It feels amazing and since only your feet are being worked on, you can still catch up and chat. Here’s my favourite place to go.

6. Book Club
It may sound boring, but book clubs can be exciting. Get the right group of people together and once a month you’ll have a soiree that you’ll enjoy and a great you book under your belt. If it’s something you’re thinking about, don’t wait to be invited, start your own and here are some great tips!

10 Fun Mom's Night Out Ideas - start a book club

7. Take a class
If you have a group of women who enjoy exercise or being active, pool your money and hire an instructor to come to you. Do something that you’ve always wanted to try like a bollywood dance class, private yoga, or zumba!

8. Casino
An evening at the local casino with the girl’s is a fun options as well. A little slots, roulette or black jack can be exciting. Just remember to set a limit for yourself.

10 Fun Mom's Night Out Ideas - casino

9. Comedy Club
Laughter can truly be amazing medicine. For a group of tired moms, a comedy club night can be the perfect outing to get rejuvenated and enjoy a few laughs.

10, Fortune Teller
What a unique and interesting idea to hire a fortune teller to come over for a mom’s night and do a little reading for each person. It has the potential of being a very interesting evening.

10 Fun Mom's Night Out Ideas - fortune teller

What is your favourite thing to do when you have a night out with friends?

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