10 Instagram Stories You Should Follow

Instagram is probably one of my favourite social media platforms. I love seeing all those (instant) pictures of a moment in someone’s life and there are also some amazing photos on there!

However, when Instagram stories started, I wasn’t too sure what I thought and I was hesitant to try it out. I’m glad I did because IG stories are so fun and they give you an inside peak into someone’s day.

Today I’m sharing 10 Instagram Stories that you should totally follow because they will give you something to smile about each and everyday when you check in.

If I were you, I would actually read this post on your smart phone so that you can click on the links to these ladies’ Instagram accounts and follow them right away. Trust me, you will want too!

10 Instagram Stories You Should Follow

1. Gayle from The Soup Solution
I started following Gayle after I met her at an expo and tasted her delicious soups. When I started viewing her Instagram stories, I was hooked. She shows her meals step by step and each one is beautiful and delicious. You can tell when you watch them that she is really passionate about food and it makes you look forward to each and every story.
Warning: You may suddenly feel ravenous watching her stories.

2. Jamie from Styling the Inside

Interestingly, I met Jamie at a kid’s playgroup a few years back. She’s always had the most beautiful Instagram feed and now, her Instagram stories are so fun to watch. She keeps it real with health, style, relationships, inner happiness and motherhood. We see her walk her daughters to school in pyjama’s, make time for the important people in life and shake what her mama gave her, when she finishes a great workout.

3. Pay Chen

I worked with Pay Chen back when we lived in Winnipeg. She was the host for Breakfast Television. Back then, she always had a great sense of humour, sometimes with a side of sarcasm, which I can totally appreciate! And she always knew where to go to get the most delicious food. On her Instagram stories, you get to see that wit, the amazing food deliveries she gets and makes and other interesting parts of her life like her workouts and her adorable niece.

4. Kris from Motherhood in Stilettos
I’ve never met Kris but connected with her through Instagram stories. She blogs at Motherhood in Stilettos, proving that moms can be chic too. She has an adorable son and a fabulous sense of style, all of which you can see on her IG stories. Her stories are fun, fashionable and never boring.

5. Nisha from Honey What’s Cooking?
Nisha’s IG story feed is all about delicious food and a desi family. Whether it’s the most amazing cauliflower pizza, a cup of chai, or her staple steel cut oats for breakfast, her Instagram stories will totally make you want to head to the kitchen and make whatever she is having.

6. Jen from Mama Papa Bubba

I have always been amazed by Jen from Mama Papa Bubba. We met through the blogosphere and became friends. She is probably one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and she has the most amazing ideas, crafts and projects for kids that you’ll find on her blog. And now I’m loving her IG stories. Her kids are adorable and her youngest Sam is so fun to watch, especially his love of food!

7. Taslim from Let ME Out

I met Taslim through the world of Mommy bloggers a few years back and now I am happy to say that she’s a great friend. She’s also a seriously amazing writer, I kid you not! Taslim is actually the one that convinced me to start using Instagram stories. You definitely want to follow her on IG. Her stories are real, raw, inspirational, fun and entertaining. Did I mention she’s a work at home creative and mother of three?

8. Regina from Valeio

I recently started following Reg on IG and really love seeing her stories. She is a super strong and healthy mama who not only works out regularly, she also helps other moms with their fitness goals as a kinesiologist and mompreneur. It’s fun watching her daughters  join her workouts and even do some crazy yoga balance poses! Reg also shares about family, food and of course, fun.

9. Jennifer from Prairie Girl in the City
Jen has always been a super stylish mom, even when she was pregnant…with twins. Yes, that’s right, I said twins. With older daughter Maddie and now two twin baby girls, watching Jen’s IG stories is so fascinating! She keeps it real so you will get an inside look at life with twins; everything from sleepless nights, doubles of everything and her little escapes from home.

10. Salma from the Write Balance (Me)

And last but not least, little old me. Obviously I’m a little biased, but I think my IG stories are real and fun! You’ll see everything from my early mornings and blogger life, to the kid’s shenanigans and the delicious things we make for dinner!

Now head over to your Instagram and all follow all these lovely ladies to see what they are up to next!

Who is your favourite Instagrammer?

13 thoughts on “10 Instagram Stories You Should Follow

  1. What a great list! I love watching you crush your workouts Mama! You’re so strong inside and out and it just shines through your Stories. <3

  2. Thank you so much, Salma! That is so sweet of you! I am so glad that we connected on IG. I love watching you and your sweet little family insta-stories. You motivate me to be more active 🙂

  3. FRIGGIN ADORE INSTA-STORIES!!! I make a TON – I love when I wake up in the morning to at least 10 messages from people saying “you’re so funny/ridiculous/silly” – haha! Makes me just keep on keepin’ on!

  4. We have a lot of the same favourites to follow! Your stories are always so real and motivating. Thanks so much for including me ❤️

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