10 Loot Bag Ideas for Kid’s Birthday Parties

With Kyah’s birthday party having just finished, one of the things the kids and I planned together were the loot bags. I know that growing up, I always loved leaving a birthday party with a loot bag and couldn’t wait to see all the exciting stuff that was inside. But sometimes, it’s hard to find unique loot bag ideas.

Today I’m sharing 10 Loot Bag Ideas for birthday parties that kids will love and actually use after they go home. The bonus is that are also inexpensive.

10 Loot Bag Ideas

10 Loot Bag Ideas

1. Books – Kids love books, so why not add them into the loot bags? It can be kind of pricey if you buy them individually, but Costco has these great books in packs where you get five books for $10. That is only $2 a book which is totally affordable!

2. Bubbles – Another one of our favourite loot bag ideas is bubbles. Bubbles are a always a big hit in any scenario where kids are involved. You can buy big long ones for a dollar a piece or buy packs with little ones at the dollar store.

3. Bouncy Balls – This is one of our favourites. Old Navy stores usually have a couple of those life-size vending machines that sell medium size bouncy balls for only .25 cents each. Perfect for the loot bag.

4. Water Bottles – You can never have too many water bottles for the kids. So it would be the perfect addition to a birthday party loot bag. You can use find nice ones ranging between $1-$2.

5. Fruit Snacks – My kids love those Welches Fruit Snacks. If you buy a big box of them, they’ll fit perfectly in the loot bag, be a fun treat for the kids and you’ll have leftovers for the house, (depending on the size of your party.)

6. Crayons – Kids usually enjoy coloring so crayons are a good item for loot bags. You can pick up inexpensive 24-packs of crayons at your local dollarama. Add a coloring book to that and you have a perfect combo.

7. Stickers or Tattoos – Are of the kid’s favourite loot bag ideas is this one. Stickers and/or tattoos are a big hit with children and they are also very cost effective when it comes to loot bags. Pick up a bunch of random ones or if there is a theme to the party, grab some stickers or tattoos that are related.

8.Mini Baking Utensils – The little ones usually love helping out in the kitchen and it also makes them more eager to try new foods if they have had a hand in preparing them. So why not add a fun miniature cooking or baking utensil in the loot bag and get them excited to be in the kitchen.

9. Playdoh – Playdoh is timeless and fun for kids of all ages. Pick up a bunch of mini jars, which you can find at lots of different stores and add them to the loot bags.

10. Fun Socks – Lastly, pick up a bunch of fun coloured or charactered socks for the kids. You can usually find them for $1 per pair it’s a great unique addition to the loot bag.

10 Loot Bag Ideas - The Write Balance

Those 10 Loot Bag Ideas for Kid’s Birthday Parties that I think are really great, affordable and best of all, the kids love them too! What is your favourite item to add into loot bags for birthday parties?

5 thoughts on “10 Loot Bag Ideas for Kid’s Birthday Parties

  1. I’ve never heard of Loot Bags, but now I’m educated. But … why does the hostess have to give presents to those children attending a party? This doesn’t happen amongst grown-ups. It’s considered good enough to be entertained, wined, and dined.

    1. You know Francene, I’m not actually sure why that tradition began, but now you’ve piqued my interests and I will definitely look into it.

  2. Loot bags are obviously something that is expected by kids whenever attending a birthday party for their friend. Crayons, books and water bottles are my favorites since kids get to use these items and are quite inexpensive.

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