15-Minute At-Home Workouts

I love exercising, for many reasons. The main one being that it really just makes me a better mom, and actually a better person. Recently I connected with another local mom blogger to do some at-home workouts. Reg, is not only a fitness enthusiast, she’s also a kinesiologist and personal trainer, triple whammie!

She asked me if I wanted to work out together one day, which of course I did. We thought, why not bring all of you some At-Home Workouts that you can do when you’re short on time, or just need a quick exercise routine that day!

15 minute At-Home Workouts


These exercises are simple to do, effective and will have you working up a sweat, promise.

15-Minute Lower Body Workout

(At-Home Workouts)

(For an upper body workout, check out Reg’s blog post)

Complete these four exercises (circuit) 3-4 times through. Rest for 1 minute (up to 5 minutes) between sets. After the sets are complete, do the ‘finisher’.
As always, engage a strong, stable core, neutral spine and chest is open.
Sets: 3 to 4
Reps: 10-15
Finisher: 45s AMRAP (as many reps as possible)

Workout Time: 12 minutes + rest time

Exercise 1: Jump Squat
– Start in squat position.
-Knees at a comfortable distance apart, in line with the ankle or very slightly in front.
– Body weight is evenly spread throughout the foot.
– Lower body down slightly to build momentum.

– Jump up and come down.
– This is one rep. Repeat the jump squat 10-15 times and rest 1 minute

Exercise 2: Lateral Goddess Squat

– Start in standing position, feet together.
– Take one wide step to the right and squat down. Aim for 90° at the knees. Ensure knees do not roll inwards.

-Bring foot back to centre.
– Repeat squat on the left side.
– This is one rep. Repeat 10-15 times then rest for 1 minute

Exercise 3: Curtsey to Leg Lift
– Start in a standing position, feet hip width apart.
– Bring your right foot behind, as if you were about to lunge.

-Land toes softly towards the left side, almost directly behind the left foot (like a curtsey). Back knee should be low to the ground.

-Start to return to standing position and lift the right leg out to the side. Avoid elevating one hip up higher than the other during leg lift. Hold for 1-2 counts.
– Return to curtsey position. This is one rep. Repeat on the other side for the same number of reps.
– Maintain control throughout movement and avoid using momentum.

Finisher: Cross Over Mountain Climber
– Begin in plank position, on hands and toes.

-Bring right knee in towards left elbow and hold for 1 count.
-Repeat on the left side.

– Do as many as you can with good form for 45 seconds. Engage the core, strong shoulders, elbows slightly bent (not locked or hyperextended).

That is one quick and effective at-home workout targeting your lower body. If you have another 15 minutes or you want to work your upper body, head over to Reg’s blog, Valeio and she has another awesome 15-minute workout you can do right in your own living room!

A little about Reg:
As a mama and kinesiologist, she  writes on nourishing the body through movement because everyone, especially moms, should feel confident, empowered and strong. She wants to show that training with the right weights and right technique can help others find their happy and feel strong doing it.”

6 thoughts on “15-Minute At-Home Workouts

  1. This is fantastic ladies! I love this takes just 15 minutes and the moves are effective. Would be so easy to incorporate into the day.

  2. Thank you for sharing this “doable” workout. Combined with my 10,000 steps every other day, even I (72 years young) will be able to get this done. ..xoxox

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