3 Things Thursday #81

I missed last week’s 3 Things Thursday post, but it was because of a very unexpected event that occurred. I will be sharing more about it down the road, but today, I have three random and nice things to share with you from my week for our 81st edition of #3ThingsThursday.

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1. Voting
Monday was election day here in Canada. We did our part and went to vote. The hardest part was explaining to both the kids, what it means to ‘vote.’ We tried to put in in as simple words as possible. It’s better to get the educated as early as possible right?

3TT Voting

1. Another First Hockey Game
Kyah went to her first hockey game as well, with her brother and dad. They all had lots of fun and were excited to come home in new Canucks jerseys!

3TT Canucks

3. Forest Walk
I went with Kyah’s preschool class on a fun forest walk to today. I volunteered even though I had a lot of other things to do. Why? Because the reason I decided to work from home is because I wanted to be as available for the kids as much as possible and partake in the outings and field trips. It’s going to be over so fast so I want o be as present as possible.

3tt forest walk


Now that I look at it, all of my three things did have one thread in common, Kyah πŸ™‚

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Have a great Thursday!

3 thoughts on “3 Things Thursday #81

  1. We had lots of conversations about politics and voting at our house too, and the kids were watching the polls very intently to see if “our guy” won.

    As always… Kyah’s smile just slays me πŸ™‚

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