3 Things Thursday Celebrates its First Birthday

I’m pretty excited and proud as I write this week’s 3 Things Thursday post. It is week 52! That means that we started this link up 365 days ago and have continued it every week. Well…we may have taken a break on Christmas, but everyone gets a day off right? A new year also means a fresh new look for our 3 Things Thursday badge, compliments of Nisha. 

3 Things Thursday Badge

This link up was the brainchild of Nisha and Raj and I was more than happy to round out the three in #3ThingsThursday. The reason for its inception was:

Life is full of little things that we love. It could be that new flavor of tea that you tried the other day, the amazing lip gloss that you found, a song that you can’t stop singing or a new recipe you tried that everyone loved. Maybe it doesn’t warrant a full blog post and it doesn’t make sense to shout it from the rooftops. So instead, you can write about it in a 3 Things Thursday post.

Over the year, we’ve met so many wonderful bloggers, made new friends and shared tons of fun stuff. It really is a wonderful community that has been built, thanks to all you lovely bloggers who have been linking up and all of those who have been reading our posts each week.

To celebrate our first birthday, the three of us have decided we want to give you something! Enjoy the rest of the post, please link up if you have three things to share and make sure to enter our giveaway with the rafflecopter at the bottom of the post. 

1. Paper (from me)
For a first anniversary, the traditional gift is usually paper. Now I highly doubt that anyone would be excited to win paper. But then I thought, books! Not only are they made of paper, we love books in our house. Growing up, I was what some people would call, a “bookworm.” I couldn’t get enough of reading, now my kids love reading and I’m happy to share that with all of you! One lucky reader will get a gift card to a bookstore. If you’re Canadian, the gift card will be for Chapters. If you’re American, than it will be for Barnes & Noble. Happy Reading!

book gift card

2. More Paper (from Raj)
I’m an old fashioned girl and I love writing, putting pen to paper when jotting down my thoughts, making to-do lists, or trying my hand at poetry – so a notebook is my contribution to the one year giveaway for 3 Things Thursday! This notebook is extra special because I picked up from a little shop outside of Hawa Mahal in Jaipur, and it is completely handmade {and pink of course!} The pen was a find from the Amer Fort in Jaipur, and I think it’s the perfect little accessory for a desi girl. I hope the winner will enjoy penning some personal thoughts in this notebook – and who knows she might even find a special little note inside!

Raj Notebook

3. Indian Culture (from Nisha)
As most of you have come to know, I have a soft spot for childhood memories and Indian culture. Whether it be food, fashion or decor; I love when there is a little touch of ‘desi’ in the things I love most. For the giveaway I’m giving away a hand carved rehal (book stand) made from Kashmiri wood. I have fond memories of my Nanima (maternal grandmum) resting the Ramayana on it while reading stories to me. Because of its intricate detail I adore the idea of this being a kitchen showpiece – a place to rest and display your favorite cookbook or even just use while cooking when you have to flip through pages. Hoping this little part of me will make your everyday cooking routine more enjoyable.

book holder

We would love for you to join us in our 3 Things Thursday link-up. If you haven’t joined in before, all you need to do is grab our badge from the top of the post, link back to one of us and then add your post to the linky below. And don’t forget to enter out anniversary giveaway through the rafflecopter below. Happy Thursday!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

24 thoughts on “3 Things Thursday Celebrates its First Birthday

  1. 2 things…1) we finally got DD’s room organized (been working on it for months) and 2) I made a hard personal decision about doing something that was taking up too much time, and I feel freer having ended it, and the withdrawl hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would be.

  2. My favorite thing this week was my daughter coming home all proud that she got accepted into pre-algebra (5th grade). Wonderful to have a girl interested in math!

  3. Well, Happy Birthday/Anniversary! I need to remember this every week – better add it to my calendar and blog schedule!

    Regarding a favorite thing, it’s funny you mentioned tea, because I have recently rediscovered how much I enjoy Constant Comment tea (with a hint of orange flavor) and I learned that I also like green tea with honey and lemon!

  4. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! I love your blog and also everyone’s who have attached their badge to this. My favorite thing this week has been reconnecting with my two older daughters. To say it’s been my favorite thing would be a huge understatement ??

  5. Happy 1st birthday! Here’s to many more years of Three Things Thursdays.

    My favourite new thing that happened this week was that my little dude got to compete in his first gymnastics meet as a competitive gymnast. I also got to help out and learn about scoring at the judges table. It was all great fun!

  6. Happy Birthday-I love your posts. My favourite thing this week has been getting ready for our Easter party! First one for my baby so I’m excited!

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