3 Things Thursday {Excitement}

Apparently this week’s 3 Things Thursday is brought to you by lots of excitement, I kid you not!!! See all the exclamation marks? That means I’m really excited. I am itching to share all my super exciting things with you, even the small ones and I hope they get you a little excited too!

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1. Trista Sutter 
I had a pretty fun and exciting morning. After dropping my little guy off at Kindergarten and then coming home and occupying munchkin number two with Curious George on Netflix, I got my laptop, phone and recorder ready to interview former Bachelorette Trista Sutter. I am featuring her in a series I do called In The Spotlight, where I talk to parents who are in the limelight about parenting and balancing career and family. Trista was really great! Very open and forthcoming, about her book “Happily Ever After” and admitting that she’s not a perfect parent. She even shared some tidbits that you probably didn’t know about her. You’ll have to wait to read the whole article which will be up on my blog in a couple weeks.

Photo Credit: Morgan Matters
Photo Credit: Morgan Matters

2. Phantom Glass
I’m also kind of excited that gone are the days of kids finger prints, spilled milk, sticky stuff and scratches on my iPhone and our iPad. I am trying out this new screen protector,
 Phantom Glass and it’s supposed to baby-proof and kid-proof your phone, you don’t even need to worry about cracks. It was super easy to install. I know this because I did it myself and I’m not usually to good with that kind of stuff, or so my husband says. And just for icing on the cake, Phantom Glass was created by a Canadian! So far, it looks very promising as the last screen protector I’ll ever need.

phantom glass

3. VIP Treatment at Avion Holiday Boutique
You many not understand this until you experience it yourself, but I’m so excited about the Avion Holiday Boutique being back at 
Coquitlam Centre. Last year we got RBC Avion Credit Cards and that gave us unlimited access to the VIP Avion Boutique and I took full advantage. We used the valet parking at the mall, the free gift wrapping, we left our jackets and packages at the lounge while we shopped and we got free snacks, hot chocolate and Starbucks coffee while we just sat and relaxed from all the holiday shopping buzz that was going on. And that’s not even all of it, they have more! You can try it all out yourself because it opens on November 22 at Coquitlam Centre until December 31. You may see me there…a lot.
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Those are my three exciting things this week. Now it’s your turn to share what’s on your mind and it’s easy to join in. Write a blog post about your #3ThingsThursday, grab the badge if you like and then link back to one of the hosts, either myself at The Write Balance, Raj at Pink Chai Living or Nisha at Love Laugh Mirch. Then click on the linky below to add your blog post. Joining in is a great way of meeting new people, getting new readers and really, we’re just fun to link up with 😉

Have a great Thursday!

p.s. To keep track of how many times I used a form of the word excited, I put it in italic. I thought it would be fun to track since this post is all about excitement!


20 thoughts on “3 Things Thursday {Excitement}

  1. That’s so cool that you got to interview Trisha. Can’t wait to read your interview!

    And that shopping experience sounds amazing. That’s a great way to take something that can be hectic/chaotic/crazy and turn it into something fun and enjoyable!

    1. I hope to have the interview up for the first week of December Parita. And the Holiday Boutique already opened and I got to use it and it was so amazing! We are totally going to be hanging out there…a lot 😉

  2. I can’t wait to read that interview! I bet it was fascinating.

    I Love the PHANTOM GLASS. I am going to check it out since my 2 year old loves to drop the iPad on the tile all the time. I hope you enjoy your time at the AVION event. That sounds fabulous.

    1. I really enjoyed the interview and I’m sure you will do Danielle! I actually just dropped my phone from the second floor staircase to the main, hardwood floors…and nothing, phone was completely unharmed!

  3. It’s all so very…exciting! Lol! I love the energy of this post! And I love your In The Spotlight series, too! Shopping that way sounds amazing and so not like any shopping experience I have ever had! 😉 Happy Thursday!

    1. Isn’t it just so exciting Taslim 😉 You will have to stop by the Avion lounge and check it out Taslim, it makes shopping even more fun, trust me.

  4. Sounds very exciting. Nigar has the phantom glass protector (a different brand though) and she loves it. It saved her screen from smashing when she dropped it (the phantom glass broke instead)

  5. Salma you are so cute with italicizing exciting 😛 I’ll have to look into that Phantom Glass – A walks around the house with our ipad when she wants to listen to a nursery rhyme and I am always freaking out that she will drop it.

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