3 Things Thursday – Link-Up Party

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Let dive right into 3 Things Thursday this week!

1. A Giant Nose
Last week, we were driving home and attached to a car in front of us was a giant nose! It was so big and a completely unexpected sight that I had to grab a picture of it! What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen on the road?

giant nose

2. Travel Organization
Right now I am attending my first blogging conference and I was pretty surprised at how organized I was because that’s not usually my strong suit. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I was traveling alone and didn’t have to pack for anyone but myself. I came up with a great way to take my jewelry with me and not have it in a tangled, mixed up mess when I reached my destination. All it took was a trip to the hardware aisle at the local dollar store and this is what I ended up with. Pretty awesome right?

organize jewelry
3. Infused Water
I am really excited about my latest purchase, a reusable glass with a special compartment for you to put fruit in and infuse your water with flavour! And it really works. The flavour stays in your water, you can just keep refilling the glass throughout the day and when you’re done, there’s no squishy mess at the bottom of your cup. You can still eat the leftover fruit or even use it in a smoothie. And the best part? It’s only $2.94 from stores where you can buy President’s Choice items. Now there’s no excuse not to drink more water!

Infuse water glass

Those were my #3ThingsThursday this week, I’d love to hear yours. Just whip up a blog post with the 3 things on your mind this week, grab a badge and link-up below, it’s that easy! Then pop by and visit my fabulous co-hosts, Raj from Pink Chai Living and Nisha from Love Laugh Mirch and see what’s happening in their week. Happy Thursday!

23 thoughts on “3 Things Thursday – Link-Up Party

  1. Hi there – too funny – you and I have the exact same life style theme! Even same taupe color! Actually, how did you get the image in the middle of the header, I have been trying to do that and cannot figure out how – live to know – yours looks great, better than mine!! Anyway, 3 things to day: Gave my son a bath – always a hard thing to do as he would never take a bath if I didn’t make him! But he has a playdate tomorrow with a cute little girl, so I told him that he did not want to be stinky for her! 2 – got a new professional oven installed for my sister-in-law’s baking business -now she can cook 5 racks at a time instead of 2! Yeh! 3 – I sent me first tweet! Thanks for sharing, and seriously let me know how you put that header in there (coming from UBC). Jina

    1. Thanks for sharing your 3 Things Jina and congrats on sending out your first tweet, I’m sure the first of many! As for the image, I got someone else to do it because I couldn’t figure it out myself lol. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. Hey, I enjoyed this post. It’s fun. And what a nose! lol. Also, isn’t it amazing that one can find at a dollar store. I don’t go often, but do enjoy going once in a while. Thanks for sharing!

  3. That giant nose is hilarious! I wonder why they were going to use it for!
    Haha am not the most organised person either and I carry a similar case to store earrings and rings when travelling. What does the infused water taste like? Keep seeing pictures of them pop up everywhere.

  4. I love that infused water glass! I really need to find one of those. I’ve increased my water intake and it’s just so boring. This would certainly liven things up!

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