3 Things Thursday – Spring Wish List

Life is full of little things that we love. It could be that new flavor of tea that you tried the other day, the amazing lip gloss that you found, a song that you can’t stop singing or a new recipe you tried that everyone loved.

Quite often I want  to share all these amazing things with all of you but I’m not sure how. An entire blog post isn’t warranted, but I don’t want you to miss out either! That’s where 3 Things Thursdays comes in. Each week me, Salma from The Write Balance, Nisha from Love Laugh Mirch, and Raj from Pink Chai Living will be sharing three things with our readers and giving you a chance to share too.


Here’s week one of #3ThingsThursday:

Spring is in the air! To sound a little cheesy, the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. What I’m really loving are these bright colours that are everywhere as I walk through the mall. Of course I’m referring to the new Spring Collections that are out. I have been doing some window shopping and there a few things that I’ve put down on my Spring Wish List that I really like and hope to get (of course when they go on sale, me and my thrifty ways!)

1. The first thing that caught my eye was this beautiful, bright peach coloured handbag from Call It Spring. It’s a cute purse that you can hold in your hand or wear it messenger style and I love how it adds a bright pop of colour to any outfit.

Call it Spring purse


2. I also love this bright blue sweater I saw at  Suzy Shier. The colour is fabulous and I love the fact that it’s longer in the back than the front. There’s also a cute little zipper at the back to add some detail to the sweater. It’s perfect to so spice up your regular jeans or leggings.

suzy shier blue shirt

. The last thing I am coveting for my wardrobe this spring are these camouflage pants from Old Navy. I’ve always loved camouflage! I remember one of my favourite pants in my younger days was a pair of camouflage cargo’s but alas I had to give them away when I accepted my new mommy body wouldn’t fit into clothes from my pre-mommy body. These are cute with flats, boots or sandals and they are a little something different from the usual pants we have in out wardrobe.

camo oldnavy pants

What is on your Spring shopping wish list? Any colours or styles you are liking for this season?

Do you want to share your 3 Things too? You don’t have to shout them out from the rooftop of a building, just participate in our link up starting next week. Get your 3 Things picked out and your post ready, because next week we’ll be adding a link up button as well.


10 thoughts on “3 Things Thursday – Spring Wish List

  1. I’m rubbish with fashion, but I do bookkeeping for a local accessories shop who have just got their spring/summer collection in. I am absolutely madly in love with a pink Hobo bag that absolutely must be mine.

  2. My 3 things for spring are converse runners, striped loafers and a pastel blazer. Great list.



  3. I also love those pants! I’m wondering if I can find anything similar down in the US. I actually love all of it. I need you to be my stylist.

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