3 Things Thursday – Travel Aspirations

This week, travel has been on my mind. Now that Raj is off on her adventure to India, it has me looking forward to the trips that we will be going this year. I mean it’s not as exciting as India but I am pretty stoked to be taking some trips and that’s what I’m going to share with you today.


1. Family Reunion
We are in the midst of planning a late Spring family reunion with my moms side of the family. It is something we do every two years with some aunts, uncles and cousins. But my last time joining in was 2009, when I was pregnant with my first.

After that, traveling with babies just did not seem like a vacation to me! So we took a hiatus on faraway vacations until the kids were older. And now they are! At 5 and 3, I think both the kids and I are ready for a more. This year it looks like it is going to be a cruise or an all-inclusive at an exotic destination and I can’t wait. Do you have any favourite cruise lines or all-inclusive resorts that would be great for everyone from toddlers and parents, to singles and seniors? I’m all ears.

3 things cruise
2. Back to where they were born
Many people don’t know this, but both of my kids were born in Winnipeg. Even though we’ve been back in Vancouver for the last couple of years, we haven’t forgotten about their birthplace and where I spent six years of my life. We all made lots of great friends that we miss and there are so many fun things to do in Winnipeg, for real! This summer, the hubby has a conference in Winnipeg so we are all tagging along and we are going to make a vacation of it. I can’t wait!

3 things winnipeg sled 

3. A long-standing tradition
Since I was four-years old, every summer, my parents would take us on a road trip to Penticton and we always had an amazing time. There is so much to do! A beautiful beach, and all the fun that comes along with the lake, horseback riding, bbq’s, golfing, amusement parks, hikes, cherry picking and more!

When I moved away, we couldn’t go anymore but after we moved back to Vancouver, I decided to restart the tradition with my kids. Last year we went with my parents, and the kids didn’t want to leave. We are already planning this years trip and I almost feel like a kid again myself. Do you have a road trip tradition with your family?

3 things Penticton

Those are the three things I’m sharing this week and now I’d love to hear yours. If you want to participate and share your #3ThingsThursday, here’s what you need to do. Write a blog post about three things you want to share. Grab the badge from the top of my post. Make sure to link back to either myself, Salma at The Write BalanceRaj at Pink Chai Living or Nisha at Love Laugh Mirch. Then click on the linky below to add your post. It’s that easy. Can’t wait to read about your three things.

Happy Thursday 🙂


10 thoughts on “3 Things Thursday – Travel Aspirations

  1. The idea of family reunions appeals to me. I’ve never really done it because I live on the other side of the world to my family. However, once or twice when I visited, I got the feeling of being with many members of my family and loved it. Everyone was on their best behavior because of my visit. I hope your holiday works well for the children.

  2. What fun! Traveling with littles has its share of challenges, but it is certainly a lot of fun to see old places (or new ones!) through their eyes. Have a lovely time on your adventures! Savor these years–those cuties grow up too quickly!

  3. We don’t have a road trip tradition, but we are planning a road trip to Disney World! Now that Max no longer gets car sick we can do things like that 🙂

  4. I want to go with you – sounds so fun. Our family always took a road trip to Yosemite National Park each summer. I have fond memories of camping, hiking, biking, swimming, and meeting all sorts of tourists.

  5. Penticton is a lovely place to visit. I used to go there sometimes with my family as well, when we lived in Calgary.

  6. Hi Salma,

    Believe it or not, our family has never had a reunion before last year. Unfortunately, most of my family resides in Pennsylvania. I moved to Michigan in 1991 after a bad divorce. I was unable to make the trip back to my home state to visit with relatives during our first reunion. 🙁

    I am working online to save up for a trip to the Bahamas or somewhere else like Italy. My partner and I can’t make up our minds, but a vacation to some exotic place sounds wonderful and in our future.

    – Bonnie

  7. Can’t wait to see you guys in Winnipeg and take the kids on the Water Taxi, to the Children’s Museum and the Adventure Park!!!

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