3 Things Thursday – Week 18

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It’s 3 Things Thursday time where I get to share my three favourite things from this week!

1. Book Club – I’ve always loved reading yet since becoming a parent it rarely ever happens. Either there’s too many things to do or I’m too tired. But I’m determined to get back to my love of reading, so I’ve joined a book club through the Tri Cities Moms Group. This month we are reading Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford. I’m a quarter of the way through and really enjoying it! I’ve never been part of a book club before though and I’m not sure what to expect. I guess i’ll find out 🙂

Hotel on the corner of bitter and sweet
2. Celebrities – I’ve seen a few celebrities over my lifetime, but not as many as I did this past weekend in San Jose at a blogging conference. First it was the ‘real’ Piper from Orange is the New Black when I went to visit the Netflix headquarters. Then it was Kerry Washington from  Scandal who was keynote speaker at our conference. After that, Khloe Kardashian came to the expo hall at the conference to promote a hair product that she’s a spokesperson for. And last but definitely not least, Rev Run, who did an awesome performance at the conference closing party. All-in-all, a pretty eventful weekend.

Blogher Celeb collage
3. Impromptu Date Night I won’t lie, the hubby and I don’t do a ton of date nights. I know it’s important, but it just doesn’t happen all the time. Then on Tuesday, my mother-in-law asked if she could take the kids for dinner and bring them home at bedtime. I agreed and then immediately called my husband and asked him out to dinner. It was like a real date! We arrived in separate cars, me from home and him for work. He was waiting out on the patio, we had a drink and dinner, chatted about things (other than kids) then kissed goodbye and headed home in different cars 🙂 It was really great to have time together as a couple and yes, we will make sure to do this more often.

date night

Those are my #3ThingsThursday. I’d love to hear about your favourite things this week. Whip up a blog post, grab the 3 Things badge and link-up below, it’s just that easy and a great way to meet new, awesome blogger friends. Stop by to check out my fabulous co-hosts, Nisha from Love Laugh Mirch and Raj from Pink Chai Living and find out their #3ThingsThursday this week.

Happy Thursday!

16 thoughts on “3 Things Thursday – Week 18

  1. I love that book. I wish I could come to the book club but it’s my friends bday that night. Just confirmed it last night. Hope to make it out next time.

    So excited to got to hear Kerry Washington talk and also the real Piper. I love that show. So exciting.



  2. I always enjoy your 3 things Thursday! Thanks for sharing. My three things would be attending a Royals baseball game; having a shake with my Sweetie at Sonic; and enjoying fellowship with my Church Family on Sunday

  3. I just love that pic of you two!! NNL – lol. I love date nights, all though we are a bit lazy and tend to have ours at home, but I think we need to start making an effort to get dressed up and going out!

    1. It’s definitely fun to get out for date night once in awhile. But as long as you get a date night in, that’s all that really matters right?

  4. Love impromptu date night! You guys are soooo cute together! And I really am thinking of going to my first conference. I am just so new, I’m wondering if it makes sense yet! Xo

    1. Aww, thanks Sarita. And as for a conference, do a search for articles about new bloggers going to conferences, there’s a bunch out there with recommendations.

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