3 Things Thursday – Week 20

Here we are beginning the fifth month of #3ThingsThursday. I’m loving how it gets me to look back every week and think about what I enjoyed or what special memory I made.

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1. Go Fish
Last week in 3 Things Thursday, I wrote about how we went up to Whistler for one night as a family and how much fun we had. What I forgot to add was that I taught my five-year old how to play Go Fish, and he loved it! He just wanted to keep playing it wherever we went. It’s a great game for learning number and maths skills but I’m also happy that he likes playing cards like I do and I can’t wait to teach him all the fun games I played with my family growing up.

go fish

2. Mason Jar Salads
Earlier in the week I got this beautiful book in the mail, Mason Jar Salads by Julia Mirabella. There are amazing photos and recipes in there, all to be made in a mason jar, from breakfast, salads and lunches to snacks, dips and salad dressings! I can’t wait to try out some of the recipes. If mason jar meals intrigue you, this book is definitely worth looking at.

mason jar salads

3. Gigantic Cucumbers
We visited a local farmer’s market on Sunday. I love going there with all the fresh, chemical free produce, lemonade, snacks and trinkets. This time we picked up a few things, including the biggest cucumber we’d ever seen in our lives! The owner told us that because it’s so hot, the cucumbers grow big really fast. We took it with us to a barbecue we were invited to and gave it to the family instead of flowers 🙂

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And now it’s your turn to share three things from your week. It’s easy to join in the fun. Just write up a blog post, grab the 3 Things Thursday badge and link up below. Also, make sure to check out my fabulous co-hosts. This week, Raj from Pink Chai Living is on a family vacation so she won’t be able to join in, but I’m sure she’ll have tons to share when she gets back. And of course you’ll need to pop by and visit the lovely Nisha from Love Laugh Mirch and see what she got going on with her three things.

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Your blog is always so refreshing. It takes me many hours a day to nurture my business and just seeing the simplicity that you share is bliss!

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