3 Things Thursday – Week 43


1. Being Sick
So I am actually lying in bed, sick, as I write this post. For two hours the kids are being taken care of. I got to nap and I wanted to write my 3 Things Thursday post. Let me just say that after becoming a mother, you can get sick, but you can’t be sick. I think the picture below says it all.

being a sick mom post card

2. A Night With The Girls
One of my goals for 2015 was to take time for myself and hang out with and foster friendships. And that’s exactly what I got to do when my friend Carolyn over at Moments in Mommyland invited me to her 29th birthday party. It was a really fun night with sweet treats, pampering and lovely accessories. And the best part was chatting with the birthday girl, as well as Tairalyn of Little Miss Mama and Louise of Talk Nerdy To Me. They are all fabulous ladies with great blogs that you should check out.

Carolyn's party

3. Lunch-To-Go
Sometimes as moms, we make sure our kids eat well, pack snacks and lunches for them when we are going to be out for a long day, but we often forget about ourselves. For me, that’s when I get to the point that I’m starving and make unhealthy choices. So now I’m experimenting with fun lunches for myself. I want them to be simple, healthy and easy to eat on the go. This is the first one I came up with and it was good!

homemade protein lunch box
Those are my 3 Things Thursday and now I’d love to hear about yours. All you have to do is write a blog post about three things you want to share from your week. Grab the badge from the top of my post. Make sure to link back to either myself, Salma at The Write Balance, Raj at Pink Chai Living or Nisha at Love Laugh Mirch. Then click on the linky below to add your post. It’s that simple. I can’t wait to read your post!

Happy Thursday!

6 thoughts on “3 Things Thursday – Week 43

  1. Let me start by commiserating with you about not feeling well. It’s hard to keep going just because your children depend on you. I know you’ll do your best, which is probably better for your well being than lying in bed for the day. 😉
    Your adult packed lunch looks fantastic–good enough to eat. In fact, I want what you’re having.

  2. I’ve been there (sick, with a young child) and sympathize. My three things? Snow, ice and a delicious roast turkey dinner my husband made me over the weekend. My lunch for today will be cottage cheese with cherries and a whole grain cracker. But as for my snacks…

  3. I love that idea for your lunch kit! I don’t often think about what to eat for lunch when I’m out running errands and end up not eating or just getting coffee!

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