3 Things Thursday – Week 62

It’s been a busy week so far, full of blogging, getting ready for our trip and more. But of course, I had to take the time to share three of my favourite things this week for 3 Things Thursday!

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1. World Partnership Walk
This past weekend we went to the World Partnership Walk at Stanley Park. This walk started 31 years ago as a way to raise awareness and money to help end global poverty. My family has been attending, volunteering and supporting the walk since I was young and I was happy to continue this with my children. This year, in Vancouver alone, $1.86 million was raised! For more information or to support the cause, please visit WorldPartnershipWalk.com.

World Partnership Walk 2015
Photo Source: VancouverSun.com

2. Food Face Plate
My kids have one Food Face Plate. They love it and it has been the source of confrontation between the two of them at many a meal time. I don’t blame them for both wanting to use it. It makes meal time so much more fun to have your food made into a fun face. So I finally decided, it was time to buy another one and let them both enjoy eating at the same time! Some of you were asking me where to find them and it looks like Amazon has a big stock. 

Photo Source: Amazon.ca
Photo Source: Amazon.ca

3. Off to Winnipeg
The hubby has a medical conference this weekend in Winnipeg so we decided to tag along and make a little vacation out of it. It’s been more than 2.5 years since we moved back to Vancouver so we are all really looking forward to visiting all the friends we made and visiting some of our favourite places in the city. You may not believe it, but there are so many fun things for kids and families to do in Winnipeg! I will be sharing all the fun stuff we do via social media, so make sure to look for the hashtag #TheWriteBalanceInWinnipeg. And of course, when I come back, I will share everything in a blog post!

Photo Credit: James McLellon Location: St. Bonniface Park, Winnipeg
Photo Credit: James McLellon
Location: St. Bonniface Park, Winnipeg

Those are my #3ThingsThursday this week. Now I’d love to hear yours. If you want to participate, here’s what you need to do. Write a blog post about three things you want to share. Grab the badge from the top of my post. Make sure to link back to either myself, Salma at The Write Balance, Raj at Pink Chai Living or Nisha at Love Laugh Mirch. Then click on the linky below to add your post. It’s that easy. Can’t wait to read about your three things. Happy Thursday!


6 thoughts on “3 Things Thursday – Week 62

  1. I think those face plates are a fantastic idea. My son would have had fun with them when he was young. Good fun with your food!

  2. Hey Salma! Hope you and your cuties have a wonderful trip. And those face plates are so cool, I love seeing what you do with them

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