3 Things Thursday – Week 9

I’ve found myself really looking forward to writing my weekly 3 Things Thursday post. It’s a lot of fun to share those little things that make my days throughout the week. And I really enjoy reading everyone else’s 3 Things as well 🙂

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1. Kindergarten Orientation – This week I took Keyan to his kindergarten orientation. Kindergarten!!! I can’t believe my little guy is five years old and will be going to school full-time starting in September! I am happy for him because I know he’s excited to make new friends, play and learn to read but I’ll admit that I’m kind of sad that he’s going to be gone everyday for the whole day. (My sappiness will be a whole other blog post.)


2. World Partnership Walk – On Sunday our family participated in the World Partnership Walk, an annual walk at Stanley Park that raises money for the Aga Khan Foundation to help end global poverty and assist struggling nations with  things like revitalizing rural economies, ensuring clean water and sanitation, strengthening community-based organizations and educating new generations of girls. This walk started in 1985 and I have fond memories of attending with my parents. It was really nice to take my kids for the first time and they were really excited because they had raised $50 to donate.
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3. Tea Pop
I attending a blogging event this week put on by Digitally Yours at Guilford Town Centre to hear a great talk from Karen Bannister about how an editorial calendar can really help with your writing. After the event we all got a $20 gift card to spend at the mall. First I bought a pair of sandals and then I joined some friends at David’s Tea and tasted my first ever Tea Pop and it was so delicious! It was a citrus mix of apple, tangerine and hibiscus with ice, carbonated water and some sweetener. So good! I will definitely be going back for more this summer.

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Now it’s your turn to share your #3ThingsThursday. Write up your blog post, grab the badge, click on the link up below and voila you’re done. Looking forward to reading all your  posts. Make sure to check out my lovely co-hosts, Raj from Pink Chai Living and Nisha from Love Laugh Mirch as well.

Happy Thursday!

8 thoughts on “3 Things Thursday – Week 9

  1. We went to our second school orientation this week. The first school didn’t seem like a great fit for us, but this orientation was perfect! I’m excited about him going to school, now that he feels comfortable. It looks like your guy feels right at home at that school. It should be fun for him.

    I really love how you do positive things in the community with your children. You’re doing a great job. It inspires me to do more of it myself 🙂

  2. You are to be commended for giving your children an early taste of giving back to society. I am not participating this week, and may not for all of June. I ended up having a very stressful week due to a family medical situation, and I will be (hopefully) participating in a blog challenge in June. I could use a tea pop-it looks so refreshing!

  3. What a busy week! That’s so great that you took the kids on the walk – lovely to continue a family tradition like that. We had Zaras JK orientation last night too – sniff. Also tea pop sounds lovely!

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