The Day Keyan Was Born

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Keyan’s due date was May 21, 2009. The night that my contractions started, I had no idea, because it was waaay to early. I was actually in a movie theatre with my friend Jenna. We were watching Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. (Yes, not a great movie and the contractions could have been Keyan’s way of telling me to get out of there!)

At the time I was oblivious. I was just uncomfortable, not sure what was going on, so I stayed and watched the movie. I got home and went to bed, but at around 10pm, the contractions started to get more painful and closer together. I also started freaking out, I was scared! Zam got our bag and took me too the hospital which was very close by.

I remember going to the hospital and barely being able to walk or even get from the elevator to triage. With some help and (physical) support from the hubby, we made it there. I can’t be 100% sure, but I might have been crying when we were getting signed in at triage. I warn you now, that I was a total wimp for the whole thing! But seriously, child birth is one of the hardest and most painful things ever!!

The next 20 hours were horrible. I was checked by a nurse  who kept telling me that I wasn’t dilated enough so I had to stay in triage. I couldn’t get an epidural yet either. They gave me some of the gas which didn’t seem to help at all. My contractions were so painful but they couldn’t do anything to help! Finally, countless hours later, my OBGYN came to check on me because I’d been in triage for so long. And guess what she said?

“I know why you’re in so much pain. It’s because you’re 9 cm dilated.”

Say what?!! How is that possible after the nurse constantly telling me that I wasn’t dilated enough! So I was rushed to a hospital room. I was given an epidural (thank goodness!) and they broke my water. At that point, I think I may have been feeling the effects of the gas. I remember talking to  the anothesiologist, whose name was Dr. Young. And in all seriousness I asked him, “oh no, what are people going to call you when you get old?”

I also forgot to mention, this whole time, my husband was sick, passing out here and there, taking tylenol and he even wore a surgical mask so as to not pass on his germs. It was a bit of a gong show!

Finally the time came to push and I didn’t think I could do it, but I did! After 26 hours, our amazing little boy was born on May 7, 2009 at 12:05am. He was 6lbs and 13oz. He had dark brown hair and grey eyes.

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My husband cut the umbilical cord and they lay him on my chest. I cried. It was the most miraculous thing I had ever experienced. I had carried this baby in my stomach for almost 9 months and now here he was, healthy and amazing. There are really no words that can describe this moment. It’s just a feeling that you never forget. Ever.

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And today, that little baby is six years old. He’s smart, funny, curious, adventurous, shy and so much more than I can put into words. I’m really looking forward to celebrating his special day and let’s face it, it’s my special day too.

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18 thoughts on “The Day Keyan Was Born

  1. Childbirth is magical and you’ve given birth to a wonderful little boy. I read this morning that labor with a boy is always longer than with a girl. I experienced a similar time, although I can’t say I felt cheerful at the time. It’s amazing how much the father suffers too, although his isn’t actual pain.

  2. I had a long hard labor with my son, too. It certainly is worth it in the end, though! Happy birthday to your dear son.

  3. Happy birthday Keyan!! =) He is so handsome… I think any girl will just fall in love with him after looking into his beautiful eyes. You better watch out! 😉
    I’m always interested in learning how long labor was for other mother’s…. child birth seems very scary to me! You’re a trooper after 26 hours!! Glad to know that you didn’t loose you senses of humor during the process (Dr. Young)! 😉

  4. I almost choked on my lunch when I read what you said to the doc! Lol!! You wrote this so beautifully, I could picture everything! You make gorgeous children and they are lucky to have you as a mom. I hope Keyan had a great birthday – and you, too!

  5. SALMA, That’s Beautiful, Emotional & Heart Warming Experience you shared with us. Have seen live child birth clips on TV, always brought happy tears as the baby was being born.
    All the best.

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