4 Rubber Boots Alternatives That Your Kids Will Actually Wear

Rubber boots are great for splashing in puddles! But other than that, they aren’t the most comfortable shoes to wear. My seven-year actually refuses to wear them at all and even I don’t like wearing mine for very long periods of time.

I did a bit of research, asked a bunch of moms and came up with this list of 4 Rubber Boots Alternatives That Your Kids Will Actually Wear.


Comfortable Rubber Boots for Kids

1. Keen
This brand came highly recommended when I was searching for waterproof boots. They look a lot more comfortable and fitted than traditional rain boots and come in different styles and colors.

Encanto Waterproof Boot

keens water proof boots

2. Bogs 
These boots look a little like traditional rain boots but they are supposed to be sturdier and a lot more comfortable to run around in.

Sidney Lace Plaid Boots - $100

3. MyMayu
These cool looking boots are light weight, durable and waterproof. They are supposed to be able to replace rain boots, snow boots and sneakers!

My Mayu- replacement for rain boots

4. Natives
These are the holy grail of kids shoes, or so I’ve heard. And these rain boots in particular are waterproof, hand washable, oder resistant and vegan-approved!


*This is NOT a sponsored post. It’s something I was researching and thought I’d share in case you were in the same situation with your kid’s rain boots.

4 thoughts on “4 Rubber Boots Alternatives That Your Kids Will Actually Wear

  1. My eldest hated wearing rain boots until we got him Bogs and he loved them! We actually purchase the winter boots every year (feet grow so quickly) so they keep his feet nice and warm and he loves that! The fit of Bogs is also great for kids, they really hug your feet nicely.

  2. Great post Salma! My son doesn’t love rain boots either but had success with Bogs in the past and now huge fans of Native boots for the whole family!

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