5 Chinese New Year Crafts to do with the Kids

Chinese New Year  falls on a different date each year, usually late January or early February.  It’s an important part of the Chinese culture and each year celebrates a different animal. Living in such a multicultural country, it’s really great to be able to talk to the kids about different celebrations, cultures and traditions. Chinese New Year crafts are a fun way to do that with your kids.

5 Chinese New Year Crafts for Kids - Pinterest

5 Fun Chinese New Year Crafts for Kids 

1. Paper plate hand fans
If you have left over paper plates in your cupboard and some paint, these faces are a great project to do with the kids. You can also use them on a hot day too. 🙂Chinese New Year Crafts - hand painted fans


2. Paper Fortune Cookies
Who doesn’t like to read their fortune? These fun paper fortune cookies would make a good if you’re thinking of doing Chinese New Year crafts with the kids.

Chinese New Year Crafts - Paper Fortune Cookies
3. Chinese New Year Drum
I remember getting one of these drums as a gift when I was young and I loved it! This homemade version is a perfect craft to do with the kids while chatting about Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year Crafts - drum
4. Lanterns
Lanterns are a big part of traditions on Chinese New Year so they would make a good craft to do with the kids.

Chinese new year crafts - lanterns

5. Toilet Paper Tube Fire Crackers
I’m going to take a wild guess that if you have your children a list of choices for Chinese New Year crafts, this one might be a favourite.

Chinese New Year Crafts - firecrackers

Those are are 5 fun Chinese New Year Crafts for Kids you can try together. For more craft ideas, check out my Chinese New Year Craft Pinterest Board.

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    1. You’re so kind Aditi. And you’ll be a great mother. I didn’t do half this stuff before having kids. It does shift something in you 🙂

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