5 Favorite Things

Since it’s Friday, I thought it would be fun to share 5 of my Favorite Things right now. I’ve had a few things that I’m  excited about and enjoying and this is a great way to share them!

5 Favorite Things - Aug 26

1. Piggy Polish 
My youngest turned five and she got to have her toes painted for the first time. She was very excited so I decided to search for non-toxic nail polish for her. We bought some piggy polish which is made with natural ingredients and comes in lots of cute colors.

2. Ikea Carafe
I recently bought this carafe on a trip to Ikea. It caught my right away! I keep it in the fridge full of water and sometimes add mint, lemon slices and such. It’s refreshing to grab it from the fridge when I’m thirsty and perfect for serving guests.

3. Beauty Counter Lipgloss
My friend and fellow mom blogger Taslim shared about her new lip glass from Beauty Counter. I’m definitely interested in trying it out as this company has banned over 1500 ingredients that have been proven unsafe yet are still used in other North American products.

4. Popsicle Mould
I’m excited about this new popsicle mould I bought on amazon. I have a couple new popsicle recipes to share on the blog and they’ll look really great in pictures now!

5. Deep Blue Rub
I’ve been use this a lot lately for muscle aches and knee pains. It’s made with Doterra essential oils and feels great when you’re sore!

Those are 5 Favorite Things for me right now.
What are some of your favorite things this week?

7 thoughts on “5 Favorite Things

    1. It’s a great buy Trish, inexpensive, practical and looks great! Cucumber water is delicious. Makes you feel like you’re at the spa 🙂

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