5 Fun Things To Do This Holiday Season #Vancouver

School will be over for Christmas break very soon. I’m excited to not have to worry about packing lunches each night for a couple of weeks, having slow mornings and breakfasts and I am really  looking forward to doing some fun things as a family.

I’ve done a little research about where I want to take the kids so I decided to share some of the fun things that I found to do this holiday season in Vancouver and it’s surrounding areas.

1. Grouse Mountain – Peak of Christmas
Literally at the top is  Grouse Mountain’s Peak of Christmas. Every year during the holidays, Grouse Mountain magically transforms into the North Pole. After an exciting gondola ride to get to the top, you can visit Santa at his workshop, meet his reindeer, ice skate, vote on incredible gingerbread houses and so much more. It’s fun for the whole family until December 24 when Santa has to leave to get ready to deliver presents to all the little children.

2. Story time with Mrs. Claus at Art Knapp
Last year we all had a wonderful time at Art Knapp for Story time with Mrs. Claus and we can’t wait to go again this year. The kids really enjoyed decoration their own Christmas cookie, listening to a story read by Mrs Claus and getting a train and carousel ride. It’s definitely a must do activity with the kids during the holidays and it’s running until December 24. 

Story time with Mrs Claus

3. Bright Nights at Stanley Park
This holiday season, we are beginning a new tradition with the kid with a family visit at Bright Nights in Stanley Park. I used to love this experience as an adult and I know my children will as well. The lights are amazing the train ride is so fun and memorable. I know it will be a highlight for our family this year. Bright Nights is on until January 4, 2015.

Photo Courtesy: Source.ca
Photo Courtesy: Source.ca

4. Shipyards Christmas Market
When I was looking for holiday activities in other parts of the city, I cam across the Shipyards Christmas Market which happens every weekend in North Vancouver until December 23. There is live music, a lights display, local artisans and food trucks. Sounds like it could make for a fun family night out as well as help with finding unique gifts for the people on your shopping list. 

5. Heritage Christmas at Burnaby Village Museum
The list rounds out with Heritage Christmas at Burnaby Village Museum. You will love bringing your family here! It’s beautifully decorated, has puppet shows, music concerts, entertainment and an indoor carousel! It will be open for everyone to enjoy until January 2, 2014

Photo Courtesy: BurnabyVillageMuseum.ca
Photo Courtesy: BurnabyVillageMuseum.ca

Those are a few of the local events we are looking forward to doing this holiday season. What is your favourite activity to do or event to attend during Christmas?


9 thoughts on “5 Fun Things To Do This Holiday Season #Vancouver

  1. It looks like you live in a prime location for things to do. I live in small rural area now, away from the big city, so not much to do except drive around looking at christmas lights. Have Fun!

  2. Oh, what a fun area you live in for Christmas activities! I’m with Jeanne above . . . I live in a rural area and most of the Christmas fun we have to make ourselves. But that’s okay, too!

  3. My husband and I visited Vancouver back in 1988 and fell in love with Stanley Park. I visited the Bright Lights website and was happy to see that proceeds went to a burn charity. What a beautiful picture. We don’t have that much in the small city in upstate New York we live in.

  4. Ohhh yes, I cannot wait for break too! A nice break from rushed mornings, packed lunches and making sure I’m home at a certain time to get my daughter off her bus. Those all look like fun. I haven’t look up things for us to do but I definitely should!

  5. I was just talking to the partner earlier today about the fact that we hardly GO anywhere during the holiday season. Mostly because he only gets one day off during December to celebrate the holiday, which I think is just nuts.

    It’s nice to see that your family live close to festivities that you can enjoy with your children during the holidays. Kids grow up so fast, and before you know it, they’re busy with children of their own. I wish we had more time to spend with family, other than the partner working all the time and me being stuck at the computer. 🙁

    Enjoy it while you can! 🙂

  6. Ooh, you have some fun ideas! Out where I live there’s a local island that has a huge park. Every year, some of the local businesses pay to have Christmas lights put up. The Christmas lights are often amusing designs (like crocodiles) or sweet ones (like Santa squeezing down the chimney). Seeing these designs with my family and friends always makes me laugh.

  7. Our Christmas is hot and sunny, but we tend to be home bodies and we avoid the crush around the festive season!

    Would love to experience a white Christmas one year 🙂

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