5 Mom Summer Essentials for Your Purse

As moms, our purses and diapers bags are always full. We try and pack everything we need when we’re out with the kids  like snacks, small toys, diapers, hand sanitizer, bib, utensils, the items are endless.

For the summer, I’ve found that these five items are must-haves in your bag when you’re out with the kids.

5 summer essentials

1. Kids socks – It’s summer, it’s hot and we are all wearing sandals and definitely not socks. But if you are taking your kids to any indoor play area’s, including at the malls, they all require socks. And instead of of forking out a few bucks every time your kids want to play, keep a pair of socks in your bag, they’ll really come in handy.

2. Empty water bottle – Keeping a small water bottle in your bag is great, especially on really hot days. It keeps you and the kids hydrated, it’s handy to refill, it saves you money by not buying water bottles and let’s face it, it’ll keep plastic bottles out of the landfill.

3. Sunscreen –  A bottle of sunscreen is essential to keep in your bag for a couple of reasons. One is because if you leave it in the car, it’ll get too hot and that breaks down the sunscreen so it’s not as affective when you use it. The second reason is that if you’re anything like us, there are lots of impromptu stops at parks and spray parks and you want to make sure the sunscreen is handy to stay protected from the sun.

4. Wipes – These are always necessary, year round, for the whole family to wipe spills, dirty hands, runny noses etc.. And you can actually buy really small ones that fit easily in your purse, especially if your kids are a bit older and out of diapers.

5. Band aids and first aid cream – Summertime is full of lots of outdoor fun like parks, picnics, beaches, hikes, swimming pools and spray parks. It’s also dress and shorts season which means exposed knees. Along with the fun, the falls will happen with deeper cuts and scrapes so the first aid cream and the band aids will definitely be a necessity.

Those are the 5 essentials for my bag this summer. What would you add to the list?


31 thoughts on “5 Mom Summer Essentials for Your Purse

  1. I love this list to keep in your purse! I have to laugh because the partner always told me I was carrying everything but the kitchen sink in my purse, but he would hand over his keys and wallet at times for me to place inside it too!

    I used to carry bibs too. That way if we ate dinner OUT somewhere, the kids had their bibs and didn’t mess their clothes. 🙂

  2. So, I actually sell Young Living Oils and it’s interesting to see the differences/similarities in our purses. Most of my oils are great for first aid. Lavender for cuts/scrapes, lemongrass if I am worried about infection, peppermint for nausea or upset stomach, etc. We also have wipes. And, the water bottle and socks – great ideas. Always a Mom at work!

  3. When my little girl was younger I use to carry most of those items- especially the socks, after a few unplanned stops at an indoor playground I started carrying a pair in my purse. I still carry the wipes and the water bottle and we have Band-Aids in the car. Those few little essentials really make your day smoother.

  4. We also have toilet paper in ours, for those walks where we can’t quite make it to a washroom in time, or when we have to use a public one and there is nothing there.

  5. Have you seen the In A Pikle product? It’s a direct sales company but they make these little wallet type things with this kind of idea in mind – things you need to carry and a space to carry them all.
    I don’t sell them, but I think they are cool.

  6. I am all for band aid:)) I have a little mama first aid bag in the car. But having all these in your purse even better idea, especially if you have no quick access to the car!!

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