5 Tips to Make Shopping with Kids Easier

How to Make Shopping with Kids Easier

It’s bliss when you are able to head to the mall yourself and shop at your leisure. Maybe grab a latte and stop at every store even if you don’t need anything from there, just because you’re on your own and you can.

Often, the reality is, you have to go shopping with kids. It’s not the ideal situation because children don’t usually like shopping for grown up stuff or have much patience or helpful opinions when you’re trying on things.

5 Tips to make shopping with Kids Easier

However, there are ways to make shopping a little quicker and less annoying when you have your kids with you, a few tips that I’ve picked up over the years.

5 Tips to make shopping with kids easier

1. Snacks
That seems to be my answer for a lot of things but it works. The kids always get hungry, so keep a couple easy and portable snacks with you. This way the kids won’t get hungry at an inopportune time and it’ll hopefully give you some time to search through the racks or try on a few items.

2. Slip-on shoes
When you head to the changing room, you want to make the process as quick as possible, so slip on shoes or flip-flops are best. They are quick and easy to take on and off. The same goes for your clothes, choose clothes that don’t have tons of buttons, zippers or ties and not too many layers. If they can slip on and off easily, it’ll make the change room time faster.

Bobs slip on shoes
I love these when I shop, they slip off easily and have a comfort sole inside.

3. A good bra
This might seem like an odd tip, but often when you go shopping, you are looking for something specific or for an event. A good fitting, nude bra will not be see-through and it’ll help you figure out if the outfit actually fits properly. It’ll save you time from buying it, trying it at home and then bringing it back to exchange if it doesn’t fit properly. You should probably do this even if you are shopping without kids.

4. Smartphone
This is another fitting room tip when you’re trying on clothes with kids around. Since you have your phone anyway, let the kids watch something on it or play some games. It’ll let you try your clothes on in peace. When I’m out shopping with the kids, they actually ask me to try on stuff so they can get a few minutes of screen time!

Shopping Tips - iphone

5. Shop for one person at a time.
This might not be possible all the time, but if you do have kids with you when you’re shopping, try to focus on buying stuff for only one person. If you’re looking for an outfit for yourself, just focus on that. It’s easy to get distracted for stuff for the kids or the house, but in the end, it’ll make the shopping trip longer and the kids will probably be less agreeable if it takes a really long time.

Those are some tips that make my shopping with kids experiences a little easier. Do you have any tips that work for you?
5 Tips to make Shopping with Kids  easier

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