My 7 Favorite Essential Oils

Until a couple years ago, I knew nothing about essential oils. I remember passing by their stores in the mall, but really not having a clue. Then one of my friends slowly started introducing me to essential oils. She gave me some lemon essential oil to try in my water. Then when I was coughing a lot she gave me an oil that really helped. Slowly I started becoming more aware.

7 Essential Oils to Try out

Then my friend hosted an Essential Oils 101 class at her place. Even though I was sick, I went to the class. I was just tired of getting sick all the time and I was hoping to learn more about how these oils could help. It was a fun and informative class and I thought if there is a natural way to help me and my family, it was worth giving it a try.

I ended up ordering a starter kit, which allowed me to try a bunch of the oils. These essential oils have become a daily part of our family’s life. We use different oils for different aspects and today, I’m going to share my 7 Favorite Essential Oils that we use on a regular basis.

7 of my Favorite Essential Oils

1. On Guard – This is a blend of oils to help with immune support. It was one of the must-haves for me! Our whole family was getting sick too often, so I wanted something that could help and be pro-active. Now, I put On Guard on the bottom of my children’s feet each morning before they go to school because you know their classes are full of runny noses and other kids who aren’t feeling well. If I’ve been around people who aren’t well, I will take a drop on my finger and put it on the roof of my mouth a couple times a day and I will also defuse it in the house when I think it’s necessary. It’s really made a difference!

7 Essential Oils to Try out

2. Lemon – I love the lemon oil for a couple of reasons. One, it’s a great cleaner for even the stickiest situation. Second, I love putting a few drop in my water bottle in the morning. It tastes good and it is also cleansing for the system. The best part is that it doesn’t harm the enamel on your teeth!
7 Essential Oils to Try out
3. Breathe – The first time I tried this was when I was sick and had a cough that wouldn’t let me sleep at night. This went on for a couple days until one night I applied Breathe (or Easy Air) on my neck and chest area. Just like that, I slept through the whole night, not coughing once! Now if the kids are coughing, I’ll diffuse Breathe it in their rooms or apply it to the bottoms of their feet.

7 Essential Oils to Try out4. Oregano – This is a strong oil, but one of our most used! When either the hubby and I feel like we have a tickle in our throats or that we might be getting sick, we fill half a shot glass with warm water, one drop each of oregano, on guard and lemon. We gargle for as long as we can and then swallow. Yes it has a bit of burning sensation and doesn’t taste the best, but boy does it work!
7 Essential Oils to Try out5. Deep Blue – I occasionally have knee and lower back pain. Deep Blue has been really great in helping with that, mixed with some coconut oil or paired with other oils for even more benefit. I think I’m actually ready to move on to Deep Blue Rub which is  cream infused with the oil. It really feels great on those aching muscles!
7 Essential Oils to Try out

6. Peppermint – Another one of my favorite essential oils peppermint. It’s good for so many things. I use it the most for headaches, I’ll just take a drop and rub it into my temples. I love the cooling sensation. (Just be careful not to get it into your eyes.) I like it as a breathe freshener too. Instead of gum or candy, just take a small drop and put it on the roof of your mouth and voila, fresh minty breath! It’s also helpful for upset stomachs.

7 Essential Oils to Try out

7. DigestZen – This is an oil that we use regularly and I even take it on vacation with me. It helps with tummy aches, digestive problems and nausea. You can rub a drop around your tummy or you can put a drop on your figure and rub it into the roof of your mouth. A few times I have even added a drop in my bottle of water.

As a side note, for the kids, I’ve made a roller using liquid coconut oil, oregano essential oil and on guard essential oil. Because it’s too strong for the kids to ingest, the use the roller every morning on the bottoms of their feet before putting their socks on to up their immunity a bit while they are at school.

PS. There are also essential oils  that help with PMS!

Those are a few of my most used, favorite essential oils. Do you have a favorite or one that you really want to try?

*This is NOT a sponsored post. All thoughts and words are my own. I just love the oils and wanted to share about them.

11 thoughts on “My 7 Favorite Essential Oils

  1. Amazing! thanks so much for sharing this! I’ve been wanting to learn more about essential oils for a long time from a trusted source!

  2. Love the EO post! I purchased the Young Living starter kit and it came with diffuser. I use it during the night with lavender EO, since I have had a bout of insomnia lately. I haven’t tried peppermint for a headache yet, but I have used it successfully with stomach pains/cramps.

    1. I haven’t tried peppermint for stomach pains but I should! I have tried DigestZen for stomach issues and that’s been helpful!

  3. I am just learning about naturopathic medications, plants, herbs and oils. I am interested in why you applied the oils to your children’s feet? I also have an extremely sensitive stomach and I was informed that peppermint would help with that. However, how and where did you learn the applications and mixtures of the oils?

    1. There is lots to learn for sure Laura! The reason I put it on the kids feet is because the oils are very strong and the kids are so young and more senstive so it would be too much for them if I put it directly on their skin or for them to ingest it. The bottom of the feet works well! I haven’t tried peppermint for stomach aches but I’ve heard it works! I use a blend called DigestZen from doterra to help me with stomach problems. I learned about oils from a class that I went to and then whenever I have questions, I’ll ask Li, who I learned from. I hope that was helpful?

  4. Thank you for sharing these specific ones. I have been diffusing some essential oils for fun, and eucalyptus oil when my son is a little sick. I think i’ll order some of these definitely the On Guard.

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