6 Natural Beauty Products That Kids Can Use

I always talk to my kids about how it’s important to be beautiful on the inside. I want them to know that how they look on the outside isn’t the most important thing. With that in mind,  it’s inevitable that when the kids see us using beauty products, they are going to be interested and will want to try the products themselves. Of course, I want them to use natural beauty products that aren’t full of chemicals and are safe for children.

Here is a list of 6 Natural Beauty Products that are safe for kids to to use.

6 Natural Beauty Products for Kids

6 Natural Beauty Products Kids Can Use

1. Naturalene Lip Balm and Shimmer
This is at the top of my list! Even though I don’t actually wear lipstick, my 6-year seems to ask about it all the time. I love these two alternatives from Greeniche. They have an all natural lip balm, that comes in five different flavours,  and its made with all natural ingredients as well as a lip shimmer.

2. Hip Peas Hair Styling Balm
Once in a while, we need to use product in our 8-year old son’s hair. Like when we have to get photos taken or go out somewhere where he needs to get a little dressed up. That’s just how it is with shorter hair. But I don’t like using my husband’s hair products on him. This Hip Peas Hair Styling Balm seems like a great alternative.

6 Natural Hair Products for Kids

3. Naturalene Cream
Whether it’s moisturizing, their hands, body or face, this Naturalene creme is great for the whole family. It’s a natural beauty product made with only 8 ingredients and it’s paraben free with no artificial colors or fragrances.

Natural Beauty Products for Kids

4. Piggy Paint
I made my daughter wait until she was five-years old to put nail polish on her toes and six-years old to put nail polish on her fingers. No doubt those were some pretty exciting moments for her. I bought her some bottles of Piggy Paint to use. It’s a non-toxic, water-based, odour-free polish which is safe for the kiddo’s to use.

6 Natural Hair Products for Kids

5. Glamspiration Bath Bombs
Everyone loves a soak in the tub, even the kids. A bath bomb can be fun as well as relaxing. These bath bombs would be great for the kids tub time or even a fun at-home pedicure for a mother-daughter date. If you’re crafty, try these homemade bath bombs.

5 Natural Beauty products for kids

6. Naturalene Face Wipes
I admit that late at night, if I need to clean my face before bed, most often I’m too lazy to actually wash it. Instead I use make up wipes. But I never thought to look at the ingredients before. These Naturalene Face Wipes are a good alternative and safe for kid’s use, whether it’s on the face or body.

5 Natural Beauty products for kids

Those are 6 Natural Beauty Products that you can feel good about using with your kids. They also make good gift ideas. And while you’re looking at beauty products for the kids, don’t forget about self care for yourself.

If you’d like to try out some of these natural beauty products, then you’re in luck! Greeniche has put together a great giveaway for one lucky reader. The prize pack includes    Greeniche Face cleanser, Naturalene Cream, Lip shimmer, Lip Balm and Wipes.
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28 thoughts on “6 Natural Beauty Products That Kids Can Use

  1. It’s always hard to find nail polish that isn’t full of chemicals. I’m interested to try the nail polish and I’m also wondering how many colour choices there are for girls.

  2. love that there are so many great natural options out there that the kids can use! especially with nail polish, the little one got it at her birthday party this year and i suspect she ate some (she’s a biter)

  3. It’s hard to find that piggy paint nail polish it sounds really good these products are best to use for a baby skin and Face Wipes are very important for babies would love to try these products 🙂

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