7 Ways to Use Your Thanksgiving & Christmas Leftovers

After that delicious Thanksgiving dinner yesterday (maybe more than one,) you are probably staring at a fridge FULL of Thanksgiving Leftovers! Well don’t worry, you are not alone. The thing is Thanksgiving leftovers don’t actually have to be a bad thing, really.

In fact, last night I did some recipe testing and we actually made a delicious dinner using a bunch of our Thanksgiving leftovers. We put mashed potatoes, corn, small pieces of turkey and feta cheese in a casserole dish and mixed it up. We added a little leftover grated cheese on top. Then we baked it on 375 degrees from about 20 minutes and broiled it for five minutes. It turned out great!

  If you like the sound of that, then here are 7 More Delicious Ways to Use Your Thanksgiving Leftovers.

7 Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipes


7 Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipes

1Savoury Turkey and Stuffing Crepes – I always think Crepes for breakfast, but instead, make savoury crepes for lunch or dinner and use up some of those leftovers.

2. Turkey Noodle Soup – It’s fall and that means there are going to be cool days and sniffles. Soup is great for those days and why not substitute turkey for chicken and make a delicious noodle soup.

3. Leftover Turkey Curry – Spice up your turkey leftovers with a delicious curry and then use the mash potatoes instead of rice, to eat it with.

4. Turkey Shepherd’s Pie  – Shepherds pie is always a winner for Thanksgiving leftover because you can use up the turkey, massed posters, vegetables and more!

5. Leftover Stuffing Waffles – Another spin on a breakfast dish, savoury waffles with leftover stuffing.

6. Turkey Cranberry Sandwich – Put this sandwich on a croissant and take it to the next level with turkey, cranberries and more.

7. Turkey Pot Pie – This is always a simple way to use all your turkey dinner leftovers. Get the crust, add the turkey, potatoes, stuffing and veggies for a full meal.

How will you be repurposing your Thanksgiving leftovers this year?

And if you really enjoy Turkey, you’ll definitely want to try this Easy Turkey Kebob recipe!

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