8 Fitness Gift Ideas

If there is someone on your shopping list who is a fitness enthusiast, or maybe it’s you, then check out these Fitness Gift Ideas I’m sharing.

This year, working out and moving at home or outdoors has become the norm, so some of these ideas will help with that. Others are just fun and cute fitness gift ideas.

Fitness Gift Ideas:

1. Mini Bands
I absolutely love mini bands! They are a small piece of equipment but they can make your exercises more challenge and for these glutes, you will really feel a burn! They are small and reasonable priced, and a great addition to anyone’s workout.

Latex Bands – These are more flexible and smaller, but still pack a punch!

Fitness Gift Ideas - Latex Mini Bands


Fabric Mini Bands – these are thicker, more challenging and really stay in place
Fabric Mini Bands

2. Belt Bag or Pouch
This is a perfect gift for anyone! If you’re just headed out for a quick minute and don’t need your entire purse, or you’re heading out for a walk or a run, this belt bag is super convenient. It stays on your body so you’re hands free and it fits your phone and a few other essentials that you might need.
It’s really reasonable priced at $38 and comes in 5 different colours at Lululemon.
I have it in the rose color and use it all the time!
Fitness Gift Ideas - Belt Bag

3. Water Bottles
If you ask my husband, he may say I have a water bottle problem. I say, that i just need water bottles handy everywhere so I can drink enough water, right?
I love this one, because it keeps you accountable to drinking water throughout the day.
It comes in lots of different colours too!
Fitness Gift Ideas - Water bottle
And for that fitness enthusiast, this dumbbell water bottle is perfect and just so fun!
dumbbell water bottle - Fitness gift ideas

4. Workout Games
Make exercising fun with workout games!
I have this set of dice and we use it all the time. Sometimes I roll them and do the exercises as a warm up. Or we play it with the kids to get some movement in.
Fitness Gift Ideas - Workout DiceThis HIIT board game is another great gift idea. It makes working out fun and easy. It’s great to play together as a family too!Fitness Gift Ideas - HIIT board game
5. Athletic Hat
If you or someone on your list, enjoys walking, hiking or running in all seasons, this hat would be a perfect gift idea! It’s lightweight, and it’ll keep your head and face dry on those rainy days. Plus, it looks good. It comes in black and white and is reasonably priced, being from Lululemon.
Fitness Gift Ideas - Hat
6. Massage Gun
For sore, tight and tense muscles, a massage therapy gun is a game changer. I bought one from Costco last year and the hubby & I both love it. The exact one I got is no longer available at Costco but this is it.
This other one from Costco seems to be a good option as well.
Fitness Gift Ideas - Massage Gun7. 5 Minute Journal
Included in fitness and wellness, is your mental health. This 5 minute journal is a wonderful gift idea. Starting your morning and ending your day with 5 minutes of writing about what you’re grateful for and recognizing the things that went well that day and the things that could have gone better can really make an impact.
I have this one from Chapters and use it regularly.
Fitness Gift Ideas - 5 Minute Journal I also bought this kids 3 minute gratitude journal for my children and I would definitely recommend it. It’s great for a small gift or stocking stuff and helps them be conscious about being grateful .
3 minute gratitude journal - Fitness gift ideas

8. Strong is Beautiful
I absolutely love this little dumbbell necklace with it’s beautiful message. I gifted myself a similar one a couple years back and love wearing it. It’s a perfect gift idea for someone who enjoys the gym or working out.
Fitness Gift Ideas - Dumbbell Necklace
If necklaces don’t work, I love this keychain with the same theme and message. And it’s only $13.99 on Amazon!Strong is Beautiful keychain - Fitness Gift IdeasThose are some of my favorite Fitness Gift Ideas! For more fitness, wellness and family friendly gift ideas, checkout my Amazon Store. 

Disclaimer: If you do purchase anything using these links, I get a smaller commission. 

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