8 Things I Always Keep in the Car for the Kids – Spring/Summer Edition

When you have kids, there are always essentials you need to keep with you in the car. Things like wipes, kleenex, bandaids etc.

Then with the changing seasons you have to rotate what you keep in the car to make sure you have everything you need. For the spring and summer months, here are 8 Things I Always Keep in the Car for the Kids.

6 Things to Keep in the Car for your kids

1. Extra clothes – You never know when someone, is going to throw up, have an accident, fall down and get dirty, the possibilities are endless. So I always have some extra clothes in the car for the kids and it’s really come in handy!

2. Snacks – The kids are always hungry when we are in the car, always! So I keep a few non-perishables in the trunk like granola bars, seaweed snacks or rice cakes. Then I’ll bring some snacks with me as well. I can’t travel without them.

3. Empty Water Bottle – We try and take water with us whenever we go out. It’s especially important in the warm weather to stay hydrated. Of course there are always times when it’s left behind. For those days, I keep a good reusable, empty water bottle in the car that can be filled when needed.

4. Activity Books & Crayons – These come in handy when you need to meet with someone or a you’re waiting somewhere for longer than anticipated.

5. Sand Toys – With the warm weather, there are always impromptu stops and the beach and park. I keep a couple of pails and shovels in the trunk just for those occasions.

6. Sunscreen – This is a must. Sunscreen needs to be reapplied throughout the day, so we always keep some with us. Some of the sunscreens are not good to keep in the car because they get too hot so it might be a good idea to bring those in the car each morning when you  head out for the day.

7. Hats – Hats are just as important as sunscreen on a sunny day. But often they get left behind so I keep a couple extra in the car.

8. Picnic Blanket – And last but not least, a picnic blankets for those impromptu picnics in the park or stops at the beach. I love this kind that is soft on top and waterproof on the bottom.


I keep all of these things in the trunk in this soft bin from Ikea. They are inexpensive, have enough space and are easy to move.

What is a must-have that you keep in the car?

15 thoughts on “8 Things I Always Keep in the Car for the Kids – Spring/Summer Edition

  1. You are so organized. When my kids were younger I would always find myself in situations where I would wish we had park toys or extra clothes – so smart!

  2. I keep most of these except sand toys, hats and picnic blankets. Its a good reminder..I will have to organize my car this weekend.

  3. I always keep a change of clothes, hats, sunscreen and a quiet toy but I’m going to add a pail/shovel a package of wet wipes, small first aid kit and picnic for the upcoming summer season. Love the idea of it being all in a bin rather than thrown the trunk like mine all was last summer!

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