8 Ways to Deal with PMS Mood Swings

Right now I am exhausted, cranky and unmotivated. I’m supposed to be writing a blog post about Spring Crafts, but I really don’t feel like it. I look at the calendar on my phone and realize, oh right, it’s almost that time of the month which means, PMS. (It’s always hard to find ways to deal with PMS mood swings.)

For me, that explains a lot. When it’s almost time for my period, my energy level drops, I’m exhausted, I’m more emotional and not as patient or happy, (ask my family.) Even though you can’t control  everything when it comes to the effects of your cycle, there are different strategies you can try to help manage the emotional aspects of PMS and ways to deal with PMS mood swings.

8 Ways to deal with pms mood swings

8 Ways to Deal with PMS Mood Swings

1. Stay Active
Doing some sort of exercise that gets your heart pumping can really be helpful in combatting those feeling of sadness and depression when it’s your time of the month. Aerobic exercise releases endorphins (feel good brain chemicals) that can boost your mood and energy. It doesn’t totally get rid of your symptoms but it can definitely help.

2. Cut Back on Caffeine and Alcohol
Even though it may seem like you can’t get through the day without that extra cup of coffee or you need that glass of wine in the evening, cutting down, even a little, on both can help you feel better and take you off the emotional rollercoaster that is PMS.

3. Eat Certain Foods
Sometimes during your period, you’ll crave salty and sweet food. For me it’s always chips and chocolate. It’s harder to resist during that time but try not to over do it. And eat more healthy fruits and vegetables to balance out the cravings you give in to.  Check out this list of foods to eat during your period to help with mood swings.

4. Relax
It’s easier said than done, but doing something relaxing can be helpful. Try yoga, massage, meditation or even a hot bath to help. These are great ways to deal with PMS mood swings as well as ease some of the emotional PMS symptoms.

5. Supplements
Upping your calcium intake during PMS, anywhere from 500-1200 milligrams has said to be helpful in calming some symptoms. Of course check with your family doctor before hand.

6. Boost Your Mood
Do something you love whether it’s listening to music, dancing in your living room, going for a nature walk or watching a show that makes you laugh. It’ll help you feel a little more life yourself, even if it’s for a short period of time.

7. Essential Oils
There isn’t any scientific proof that essential oils do work to ease the emotional symptoms of PMS but every individual is different and it can’t hurt to try. I’ve used a roller with a blend of oils called Clary Calm and it’s actually helped me calm down. It has lavender, bergamot, ylang ylang, cedar wood and more.  And here are some other oils that may help.
with mood swings as well.

8. Herbal Tea
Again, there isn’t any scientific proof that teas work with mood swings but every individual is different and it can’t hurt to try. Some teas that have been touted to help with mood swings are Happy Wellness Tea and Licorice Tea.

These are few of  the ways to deal with PMS mood swings that I like to use. Of course everyone is different and different things work for different people. But i always say, there is no harm in trying natural remedies.

*Everyone experiences different symptoms from PMS. If yours feel more severe either physically or emotionally, please consult your doctor.

13 thoughts on “8 Ways to Deal with PMS Mood Swings

  1. I’m realizing that I am a lot more emotional when I am pms’ing, and my energy level is low. I tend to crave sweets, more than salty food. I feel so bloated and gross though, it’s just something we have to deal with. Better to have it than not, right? I have so many people around me who are going through menopause.. being a woman is so hard! 🙁

  2. This is really excellent advice.

    It’s no fun at all, of course, but it’s remarkable what being kind to ourselves can do.

    Exercise makes a BIG difference. Oh sure it *feels* like the bag of Ruffles is the kinder choice in the heat of the moment, but better to go for a walk. In the end, you’ll be so much happier you did.

  3. Wow I’ve been going crazy a couple days before my period I snap easily, break things in anger, yell at my kids and husband and get depressed because I feel like an awful person and I know they deserve better. Took me a while to figure out it wa linked to my period. Thank you for this list I will try it out!

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