A Huggy Monkey & A Paper Bag Princess

Here are Keyan and Kyah’s favorite library books this week:


Keyan really liked ‘The Paper Bag Princess,” by Robert Munsch. He’s actually a big fan of a lot of Munsch books and was excited to read this one, especially because it involved a dragon.


This is a book with very few words, but it really works. Kyah wanted to read this book over and over. Oh, and expect to receive a lot of hugs yourself!

Any books your kids are loving right now?

2 thoughts on “A Huggy Monkey & A Paper Bag Princess

  1. We are loving a collection of Berenstain Bears stories! She falls asleep to it all the time! Wait a minute…maybe that means she doesn’t like it….=)

  2. 🙂 I’m sure it’s your soothing voice that’s making her fall asleep. Yes the berenstain bears used to be very popular with Keyan too! There are so many in the series.

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