A little Mommy Guilt

When going back to work after my second child, I decided to work part-time so I could be home with the kids more. I do enjoy my job but this time around after maternity leave, I just didn’t want to be gone from the kids so much. And it’s been a great balance! But there are those mornings when I do have to go to work and unintentionally, the kids make me feel so guilty, and this morning was one of those times!

My three-year old woke up about 20 minutes before I was going to leave, so I went in his room to hug him and get him out of his room. When he found out it was a work day, he got so sad. And then next thing he said made me just want to stay home.

“I love my parents. And I want at least one of my parent’s to stay home everyday.”

Melted the heart and kicked that Mommy guilt into gear!

Since becoming a parent, I feel this guilt all the time and I always feel like I’m not doing enough. Talking to other moms, I feel better knowing that I am not the only one who feels like this and that it’s just the norm of being a mom. And deep down, I know it’s okay if I have to go to work, or if I need a haircut or if I need to take a five-minute break but it’s hard to erase the guilt.

I found couple of articles that address this very subject:
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As a mom or parent, do you experience mommy guilt? How often and how do you deal with it?

One thought on “A little Mommy Guilt

  1. Hi Salma,

    This is for the first time that I came to your blog rather just communicating in instagram. As a mother, I have just 1 year of experience and I feel so guilty while going back to work. Other than monetary needs which my permanent IT job can fulfill, i have lost all my interest in job. I seriously feel like working from home. Hope we mothers can cope up with it. Very well written.


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