A Trip to the Library

Once a week, the kids and I go to the Coquitlam City Centre Library for story time. The kids love the half hour of stories, songs and puppet shows. Then when it’s finished, we head to the children’s section of the library and Keyan and Kyah each pick a few books to sign out of the library for the week.

They always look forward to going to the library and are excited to come home and look through all the books and pick one to read before nap time.

I’ve noticed, that from all the books they choose to bring home, there always seems to be one that becomes their favorite. So I thought it would be great, each week, to share Keyan and Kyah’s library pick.

Kyah’s favorite book this week was “A Book of Sleep” by Il Sung Na. It’s a great board book about how different animals sleep at night. And don’t forget to look for the owl that may be hiding on each page.

Keyan loved “Urgency Emergency – Injured Spider,” by Dosh Archer. This story focuses on nursery rhyme characters Little Miss Muffet and the Incy Wincy Spider and their experience in the emergency room. It’s a really fun book and now Keyan is on the look out for the rest of the books in the Urgency Emergency series.

What are your kids favorite books? Do they have a specific genre they like or character?

3 thoughts on “A Trip to the Library

  1. My two year old loves The Book of Sleep. I actually bought it because I love the art work so much. One of his all time faves though is The Water Hole by Graeme Base. Besides being beautifully illustrated, it has tons of animals to look for on each page and features animals from around the world.

    1. It is a really beautiful book. I am going to buy it for my daughter as a birthday present. And thanks for the book suggestion, I’m going to look it up when we go to the library next week.

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