A Visit to the Aquarium

One of the amazing presents that my kids got at their birthday party was a family pass to the Vancouver Aquarium. So we decided to take advantage and make a trip there for a morning. On our drive down to Stanley Park, Keyan and Kyah got excited as we talked about the different things we would see. They were really excited for the dolphin show among many others.

After we arrived and parked, we walked up to the special window to activate and fill in the details for our family pass and I found out what a great deal the pass was! Normally, a day at the Aquarium for two adults and two children over three years would cost $78. An annual pass for two adults and four children is only $155. That’s the cost of two visits and instead, you can go as much as you want for a whole year. It’s definitely the best option, especially when you find out that the Vancouver Aquarium is a non-profit organization that’s dedicated to conserving aquatic life.

As pass holders we got to go through a special line to get inside. The kids excitement grew as we tried to figure out what to do first. Keyan wanted to see all the shows; dolphins, belugas and otters, so we checked the schedule and went to see all the other great stuff in-between the show times.

I think we got to to see a little bit of almost everything at the aquarium. It was entertaining and education for not only for the children but myself.

Some of their favorites were the Arampaima, which is one of the world’s largest freshwater fish. And boy was it long! They were also fascinated with the jellyfish and mcaws. Keyan couldn’t get enough of the tiny red frogs.

Overall, we had a very successful trip to the Vancouver Aquarium. On our way home the kids were excited to talk about when we would come back. We will making good use of our new family membership and making many trips to the Aquarium this year.

Have you visited the Vancouver Aquarium? What is your and your kid’s favorite part of the Aquarium?

*All the opinions in this post are my own. I was not given any compensation to write this.

16 thoughts on “A Visit to the Aquarium

  1. We got season pass. Especially during winter or rainy days is the best option for my toddler. I’m thinking maybe next year we could do Science World, but so far we enjoy (mostly me) the turtles, frogs, pinguins and seals.

    My kid since she learn how to speak refers to it as “froggy, seals today?”. Adorable.


  2. We are Aquarium members too. FYI: there is an early opening Saturday a month (it’s this Saturday this month). It used to be an hour early and now it is only half an hour, but that time in the aquarium when it is quiet is pretty neat. My son loves the amazon area best. Last time we were there the butterflies were in full force but we had to leave because I was too weirded out! Ugh, they kept flying right by my face and I’m not good with bugs. Getting goose bumps just remembering it now even!! My favourite is the beluga exhibit. I even slept over in the room once with my niece and her class. So cool. Big aquarium fan:)

    1. I didn’t know about the early opening, we’ll have to look into that! And a sleepover at the aquarium sounds amazing. Can’t wait until the kids are old enough to do that 🙂

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