An Absorbing Science Experiment

We picked another science experiment this week, again involving water. It is a simple science experiment that both the kids were able to participate in and I had all the supplies in my cupboards.

Let’s call it the “Absorbing” Science Experiment.

Here is what you will need:

-three clear glasses
-two paper towels
-at least two different colors of food coloring
-something to stir with
-some willing junior scientists

Fill two glasses with water, about 3/4 of the way full. Then add a different food coloring in each glass of water. Be generous with the food coloring, at least 5-7 drops. Then stir the food coloring in the glasses.

Roll up each of the paper towels. Put one end into the glass of colored water and one end into the empty glass. Repeat with the other glass of colored water. What will happen is that the water and color will absorb into and through the paper towel and into the empty glass.
Now here is the tricky part; as you may be able to see from my son’s face, he was not too impressed with the speed of the water transfer. We waited about ten minutes and then we had to leave for swimming. When we came back though, to my kids excitement, this is what they saw:

Not only had the water and color absorbed through to the empty glass, all the glasses had the same amount of water in them! Very cool. We were hoping that the blue and red would have given us purple water but that didn’t happen. Next time we might try blue and yellow food coloring and try for green water. I got the experiment idea from All For Kids.

Have you and your kid’s tried any fun science experiments, I’d love to hear about them and try them out with my little ones.

2 thoughts on “An Absorbing Science Experiment

  1. A fun experiment that is along the same lines is to put a white carnation in a vase of coloured water. The carnation will become the colour of whatever coloured water you use. Another variation of this is to cut the stem in half length ways up a stretch of the stem and put each half in a different colour of water and see what colour the carnation ends up! Have fun experimenting!

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