An alternative to pop

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to give up pop, or soda as some call it. Easy enough resolution to make but it’s been quite a challenge, especially when there are some foods that you associate with it, like pizza and coke. I mean, can you really have Oreo cookies without a glass of milk? It’s the same thing for me when I eat pizza.

So far, I have only given in once. I’ve been trying to drink more water instead. Sometimes I even add in those flavour packets which is a nice change. But often what I really crave is that fizziness of pop. So I found a great substitute, soda water!

For this drink recipe, all you need is a glass, a can of soda water (chilled) and a lime.

Pour in the amount of soda water you want, squeeze in a wedge of the lime, and voila, a fizzy drink with a little twist to fulfill your craving for that carbonated beverage.

So if you have cut pop out of your diet or you want to drink less pop or you just want to try a new drink, this is the one! It’s fast, inexpensive, has NO CALORIES and you look pretty cool when you walk around with it in your hands.

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