At Home Cardio Workout using stuff around the house

Some days, we just can’t make it to the gym. And some just people don’t like going to the gym at all. That’s all totally okay. But if you still want to get a quick sweat session happening, you can do that with a simple at home cardio workout using stuff around the house.

That’s right, you don’t need fancy equipment or even weights. Today’s at home workout uses a couple of cans, a stool and a pair of napkins (or paper towels.) It doesn’t sound fancy, but it really gets your heart rate going!

I’m sharing a short video of the at home workout that you can do right in your living or dining room.

At Home Cardio Workout:

1.Side to side high knees (option to hop over cans)
2. Mountain climbers with sliders
3. Step up and down on stool
4. Burpees
5. Skaters (option to tap cans)
6. Shoot throughs
7. Jumping jacks
8. Plank jacks with sliders

Do each exercise for 30-45 seconds with no rest in between. At the end of the circuit, rest for 1-2 minutes. Repeat this 8 exercise circuit 2-4 times for a great at home cardio workout.

To make it even easier, down load an interval timer on your phone.

For sliders, if you don’t have them, use napkins of paper towels. If you’d like to buy some sliders, they are inexpensive. I’ve put a link in my Amazon Store.

After your workout, it’s important to make sure to get in a good stretch! Here is one of my favourite stretching routines that gets all the main muscles.

Salma Dinani is a certified personal trainer. For any questions about this at-home exercise routine or workout programs, leave a comment or email her at

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