Baby Photos Before Facebook

The last time I actually printed out a photo was because my daughter needed one of herself and her family for a preschool project. And that’s about it. In this day and age, printing out photos doesn’t really seem to happen. I take pictures on my phone, then I upload them to my computer or share them on Facebook or Instagram.

Even if I use my DSLR camera, the pictures don’t get printed out, they get uploaded and either used in blog posts or saved on the hard drive.

When I look back, things use to be so different. We would print out every single photo we took. We made albums, scrapbooks and framed the memories.  My mom’s house is full of all our family photos.

Pics before FB

Even as early as 2009, when my oldest was born, we still printed out all his pictures, made albums, framed them to hang on the walls and sent copies to family members.

Fast forward to 2015. As I look around, I don’t see a single family photo on the wall. And aside from my youngest’s newborn photobook, I don’t think we have any albums or framed photos of her on the wall,  How is that even possible?!

So why have I been thinking about all this lately? I recently saw this video from Canon Canada called Never Again: Don’t Be That Parent.

It made me laugh, but it actually got me thinking about  it too. I guess it’s true that with Facebook and other social sharing sites around, we just keep posting and sharing all our photos. Or maybe it’s really the laziness factor of actually getting online to have the prints ordered and then physically going to pick them up.

So that’s why I’ve added this awesome Canon Pixma Printer to my wish list. How amazing would it be to have a printer that not only does all your regular printer stuff, but also prints out any pictures and memories you want, right away?! Once I get that, there will be no excuse for not having family photos around or making scrapbooks and albums.

Now I just have to start hinting to the hubby that this would be a perfect anniversary gift for both of us.

How do you preserve and display family memories and photos?

*This is a sponsored post. As always, all thoughts, opinions and words are my own.

16 thoughts on “Baby Photos Before Facebook

  1. Funny, I was actually talking to a girlfriend about this the other day. As technology continues to evolve is not having hard copies of images going to be something we soon regret? If for some reason Facebook were to collapse tomorrow there would be quite a few images that I wouldn’t have back ups to!

  2. It IS a change in the way we keep our treasure memories. No more photos of family around for anyone to look at. I wonder about the future. What if the ‘cloud’ exploded, and with it, we lost our digital records? It bears thinking about.

  3. Guilty as charged! I have photo albums from my son’s early childhood (he’s in his mid 20’s). When I started to use digital photography the photos stopped. I still have so many old photos I haven’t done anything with. I have over 3,600 photos on my camera. Lots of memories that could disappear in a second! I think, if I wanted to print them out, I would have a store do it and not use my printer (the ink would cost a fortune) – would be curious to know how your project works out.

    1. Yes, 3600 photos is a lot! Maybe down the road it’ll be a fun project for you print them out and make albums or scrapbooks!

  4. Last summer I finally started going through all our pictures on memory cards and hard drives and actually printing them out. The kids love to sit down and flip through the albums!

    PS: I have a Cannon Pixma that prints pics and it is awesome!

  5. I guess I am old school – I still print out pictures! I am on my neighbourhood photo lab’s email list and whenever they have a special on 4×6, I print out hundreds of pictures.

    1. Nowadays with camera’s on our phones, it’s hard to keep up with actually printing them out. You are not alone Carolyn!

  6. hmm it really is sad that we don’t fill our houses with memories in quite the same way. We recently did a picture wall and it’s been nice to be able to see so many happy times in one place 🙂

  7. I use to make scrapbooks with my photos. I still have a bunch stuck in a box. Now I want to transform some of those photos on a block of wood for display.

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