Banana Roll-Ups

We’ve been eating Banana Roll-Ups for a while now. It’s a quick, easy and tasty recipe that is perfect for a breakfast on-the-go, a replacement for a lunch sandwich or even a simple snack. They are great for kids and grown-ups!

1 small banana
2 heaping Tbsp of smooth peanut butter (you can also use almond butter or Wow butter)
2 level Tbsp of vanilla yogurt
2 tortillas
ground cinnamon for sprinkling

1. Slice the banana into circles.
2. Mix the peanut butter and vanilla yogurt together in a bowl until its smooth and completely combined.

pb & vanilla yogurt mixed

3. Take half of the mixture and spread it all over the tortilla. Top it with sliced bananas and then sprinkle cinnamon on top. Repeat with second tortilla.

roll-up with toppings

4. Roll-up the tortillas and you’re ready to eat! And just beware because these taste even better than you think.

Banana Roll-Up finished

These Banana Roll-Ups are also portable, so if you are in too much of a rush for a sit down breakfast or lunch then make these the night before and you can eat them on the go!

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