Beautiful Mom Bathing Suits to Try

We are headed to hotter temperatures for Spring Break. All of us are so excited for this beach getaway and the kids are counting down the days! Of course a beach vacation means bathing suits. Now I have two perfectly good bathing suits sitting in my closet, but that hasn’t stopped me from windows shopping online and I’ve found some beautiful mom bathing suits!

If I was going to buy a new bathing suit for the trip, it would definitely be one of these! And let me clarify the term “mom bathing suit.” It doesn’t mean that it’s a frumpy, dowdy bathing suit. It just means that after becoming moms, our bodies have changed from what they used to be and we can still wear stylish and fun bathing suits that are flattering to our mom bodies.

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6 Mom Bathing Suits to Try

1. Old Navy Two-Piece
I love that Old Navy carries two piece bathing where you can buy the top and bottom separately. Like many women, my top and bottom are different sizes so this really helps in getting a more flattering fit for a bathing suit. And they have lots of different styles of tops and bottoms to choose rom.

2. Cupshe High-Waisted Bikini
I came across this website with so many cute bathing suits. It’s so great that high waisted bottoms are back in style. I am tempted to order one from because they are such a good price point but I want to find some reviews first. If you’ve had a good experience with Cupshe, let me know!

3. The Bay Swim Dress
All swim dresses don’t have to be frumpy, like this super stylish belted swim dress from The Bay. No one would confuse it with your grandmother’s bathing suit!

4. La Vie En Rose One-Piece
After becoming moms, some of us need a little more tummy coverage and this beautiful one-piece totally does it while staying pretty fabulous with a great neckline and a cute cutout at the back.

5. The Bay One-Piece Color Block Suit
If you like the look of a two piece but prefer wearing a one-piece, this fushia and black colour block bathing suit gives you the best of both worlds.

6. Gap V-Neck One-Piece
And of course you can never go wrong with the classic one piece. I really like this one from the Gap. The v-neck, fit and colour are totally timeless, for any body, including our wonderful mom bodies!

Are you going to be shopping for a new bathing suit for spring/summer season?

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