Bollywood Dance Parties with the Kids

The kids and I love listening to music in our house and in the car. Our favorite is putting the volume up and having a dance party in the living room. Although we enjoy all different genres of music, lately, it’s been Bollywood music that’s being requested most often.

So today I thought I’d share some of the songs that we are listening to ALOT right now.

1. Kar Gayi Chull
Not only does this song make you want to move, it has an awesome line dance too!

2. Gulaabo

This is one of a few good songs from the movie Shaandaar and you’ll see some fun dance movies.

3. Dance Basanti

A short but fun and catchy song.

4. Abhi To Party Shuru Hui Hai
This story tells such a cute song of a boy who’s mother doesn’t approve of his girlfriend and the girlfriend finally says, too bad!

5. Manma Emotion Jaage

A fun little song and dance number

6. Nachan Farrate

This Bollywood number will have you hitting replay so you can keep dancing to it!

What songs do you and your kids like dancing to?

11 thoughts on “Bollywood Dance Parties with the Kids

  1. I love dance especially to Bollywood songs! Number 5 is currently my favorite right now but most of the songs from dilwale are amazing! Love Gerua…not much of a dance number but still such a romantic song!

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