Capturing the Moment with Your Kids

We always read about how people are too attached to their phones and they are missing the important things. And I do agree to a certain extent. I love my phone and I do need it for work, but there are times when it’s not on hand, like at the dinner table, when we are spending time as a family, at the movies and so on.

But there are other times when I am SO glad that I almost always have my phone with me. And earlier this week was one of those times. It was a beautiful November day. My four-year old and I had just gotten home and we decided to enjoy the weather and blow bubbles outside. But before that, I wanted to get a picture of her because she looked so cute in the new toque that I had bought her and I wanted to post it on Instagram. (Keeping it real here.)

But of course, she wouldn’t stand still. She wanted to keep running around, hugging me, everything but stand still for a picture. We ended up with a case of the giggles, but in the process, because I had my phone with me, I was able to capture these amazing pictures of her. 

Kyah 1

Kyah 2

Kyah 3

It showed Kyah in all she was; her seriousness, her mischievousness and her happiness. I can’t tell you how happy it made me and my hubby to look at these pictures that night. And now we will always have them and we can always remember her like this, even when she’s a teenager and mad at us for something.

What are some of the wonderful moments you’ve been able to spontaneously capture due to modern technology?


8 thoughts on “Capturing the Moment with Your Kids

  1. I definitely think it’s up to us in terms of whether technology is a blessing or a curse.

    These photos are beautiful! I love having my phone handy to take ridiculous videos of Vishnu. I never post them anywhere but they’re so fun to look at later!

  2. Ahh!! she is adorable. Pictures are a beautiful way to keep and share memories. My phone is filled with my niece pictures and I look at them every morning and whenever I miss her. It’s beautiful and nostalgic to see how they grow fast each day.

  3. Salma your kids are so adorable! I have been reading and following you for a few years now and it is crazy how much they have grown. I know I try to take tones of pictures too to capture them in that moment. One thing, I should develop more photos, the good old ways, which we don’t do any more!

  4. I have found myself in a similar situation, I will try to find the perfect shot and realized I haven’t actually been spending time with my nieces and nephews. I usually set aside the first 15 minutes max for photos, that is when everyone is clean and looks their best and then I leave my camera to the side. If anyone else wants to grab it and take photos, they are more then welcomed to!!

    Your daughter looks exactly like you…beautiful!

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