Celebrating Keyan’s 7th Birthday at Skyzone Trampoline Park

Keyan turned seven on May 7. It’s amazing how fast this kid is growing up! To celebrate, we had a small dinner at home with our immediate family.

Keyan's 7th birthday at home
The following weekend, we decided to have a birthday celebration with his friends. We considered a few options for his party, but in the end, it was Skyzone Surrey Indoor Trampoline Park that won, hands down!

When we first decided on the date for the party, we had nothing planned. Little did we know that we would end up moving to a new place on the Saturday before the party! I was a little stressed out about it. Moving all day on Saturday and then having a party for Keyan and 13 of his friends on Sunday, did not sound like an ideal situation.

Skyzone - ready for a trampoline party!
Two excited kids ready to get jumping!

To my surprise, it turned out to be amazing! Other than getting the kids out the door on time with the loot bags in the morning, the hubby and I literally  had to do nothing once we arrived at Skyzone Surrey.

There was a dedicated host for our party. All the kids were coraled up and organized. They were given special sky socks, talked to about safety and they played some fun games.

Skyzone Surrey - lined up and ready

Skyzone Surrey - intro

Skyzone Surrey - Socks
Sky Socks!

Then it was off to the huge indoor trampoline park to play for an hour where staff was positioned everywhere to make sure that everyone was jumping safely and to be on hand if anyone needed help.

Skyzone Trampoline Park - Collage

The kids started off playing in the trampoline zone for a while, jumping, bouncing and flipping around.

After that the kids went to the basketball area that had three hoops with different heights so all kids to try their hand at jumping across the trampoline ramp and getting as high as they’ve ever been for a slam dunk.

Skyzone Surrey - basketball

There was also a huge foam pit for the kids to play in, a dodgeball area and a dedicated toddler area for kids under 5 for the smaller attendees of Keyan’s party.


Once the hour of jumping was up, the staff took us to the party room that they had already decorated and set up. The pizza’s, vegetable trays, fruit trays and drinks that we had ordered through Skyzone ahead time were ready and waiting.

Skyzone Surrey - party room

Skyzone birthday party - cupcakes

We didn’t have to lift a finger! The food was served, the cupcakes was served and we didn’t have to do any clean up! They even gave the birthday boy a special gift.

If you are thinking about a birthday party for your child, I definitely recommend Skyzone Surrey  Trampoline Park. It’s not only fun, it’s safe, parent’s can sit back and enjoy while the staff takes care of everything and the kids get to be active while they enjoy.

And at the end of the day, trust me, they will sleep very well 🙂

*A big thank you to Skyzone Surrey Trampoline park for hosting Keyan’s birthday party and giving him such a special day. 



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  1. That place looks like so much fun! We have been to a similar one around us and the kids loved it. I think it is great for parities too as then the kids have fun, are fed and you don’t have to worry about having a million kids at your house!

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