Celebrating My 40th Birthday

On April 2, I celebrated my 40th birthday. That’s right, 40! When I say it out loud, it’s hard to believe I’ve been around for so many years! Last year when I realized that I’d be turning 40, it was with mixed feelings and all these random thoughts.

40th - cake
Photo Credits: Third Eye Weddings

But as the day got closer, I realized that I was really okay with it. Even better than okay, I was happy. I feel that at 40, life is just going to get better. I am more comfortable with who I am, I am more confident in myself, I’m happier and I have direction in my life. I was missing so much of that when I was in my 20’s.

And so many people that I have talked to who have already celebrated 40 say that it really just gets better!

To help celebrate my milestone birthday, my hubby and my family worked together to throw me a surprise party. If you know me, I’m not big on surprises, I like to know everything that is going on. So when I walked into my house and a whole bunch of people were all dressed up and yelled “surprise!” you can imagine that I was overwhelmed!

40th - overwhelmed

Once I was over my initial reaction of surprise and maybe a few…ehm..tears, I had an amazing time with my family and friends!

Photo Credit - Third Eye Weddings
Photo Credit – Third Eye Weddings

Our house had been turned into a fun restaurant/bar with round tables,white table cloths, appetizers, servers, dinner, giant balloons, and an awesome photo booth.

40th photo booth friends collage

Photo Credit: Third Eye Weddings
Me, my mom and my sister

40th - collage family

40th - photo booth 2

There was also an amazing slide show that made me laugh, cry and remember.


Of course what made it really special were all my family and friends who were there to celebrate with me.



40th - Keyan


40th - kyah and Zam

40th - group blogger photo
All Photos: Third Eye Weddings

It was a really wonderful night, something I will remember for many years to come! Now the pressure is on for me to start planning the hubby’s 40th party which is still a few years away, shhh.

*All photos taken by Third Eye Weddings

16 thoughts on “Celebrating My 40th Birthday

  1. Fun, and I am happy to see your family and friends didn’t use an “Over the Hill” theme. Because you aren’t. Far from it! Happy 40th (from someone the other side of 60).

  2. Oh wow, the photos look like you had an amazing time!! Parties are a great way to celebrate reaching milestones.

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