Comfortable & Athletic Mom Gear

Lately I’ve been craving comfy and cosy clothing. All of a sudden jeans seem a little tight and activewear is my best friend. Maybe it’s the colder weather and darker days but I’m all about the joggers and sweaters.

I’ve been spending a little time online window shopping and saving some things that I would really like to add to my wardrobe.

Here is some of my favourite Comfortable & Athletic Mom Gear.

1. Pullover Hoodie
I’m a little obsessed with thumb holes in shirts right now so combined with the lovely blue color and fabric, I really like this Gap pullover hoodie.

2. Burgundy Joggers
Just because jogging pants are super comfortable, it doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish too! This pair from Joe Fresh have a skinny bottom and are in a great fall color.

3. Black Joggers
Of course you need a black pair because they will match with everything and this pair from Old Navy has pockets, which I love too.

4. Hoodie
To complete your ensemble, you need a hoodie. I really like this one from Joe Fresh because it’s long, super soft, has the thumb holes and is at a great price point.

5. Cropped Jogger
You need some selection when it comes to comfortable bottoms and I love how these cropped joggers look along with being very cosy.

6. Workout Tank
When I saw this tank with the saying, “I am a lot nicer than my resting gym face,” I had to laugh. I actually bought it for my friend who loves the gym and often alludes to that about her self. It definitely spices up the wardrobe wouldn’t you say?

7. Fingerless Gloves
Although not a necessity, these fingerless gloves from Lululemon totally caught my eye.

8. Tie Back Tee
And lastly, I couldn’t resist adding this tie back tee to the list. I love the detailing in the back, the bright color and of course the thumb holes.

What’s your favorite comfy gear to wear?

3 thoughts on “Comfortable & Athletic Mom Gear

  1. I feel ya, sis! And I ain’t even a mom. But as a woman with a tum-tum, I felt so much nicer when the shirt I wore yesterday – a size larger than I usually like to buy – wasn’t hugging at my rolls. I’m done with tight clothes – I never had the body for them, but I feel more comfortable to be true to who I am.

    My favorite comfy “gear” to wear is my purple-polka-dotted plush robe. That does not leave the house though! 🙂

  2. love the selection you have here! of course I think you have to actually be fit to make joggers look fashionable but fingers crossed I will get there one day!

    1. Sarah, that’s the point of joggers so that you can look good and be comfy, being fit is not in the equation. Once you put the athletic clothes on, you automatically look fit 😉

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