Cutting Our Hair for a Good Cause

I try to teach my kids about helping and giving when I can. It’s hard to know if they actually understand at such a young age, but I’m sure eventually they will. I feel that it’s important because we’re living in a society that is so much about ‘wanting’ that we need to learn to ‘give’ as well.

Since my daughter was 18 months old (she is now 3 years old,) I’ve been talking to her about donating her hair. I explain it to her in very simple terms; Sometimes when kids get sick, the medicine they need to take makes their hair fall out, so we are going to donate your hair to help them make a wig.

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I think now she understands and she’s ready. Kyah has actually never had a hair cut. We just did a traditional hair shave when she was two months old, but other than that we’ve been growing it. Her hair is now down to her waist and it is long enough to donate. To show my daughter that it’s important to help and give, I’m also going to be cutting and donating my hair and it will all be going to  Wigs For Kids BC.

We are very lucky and excited that Bangtown will be giving us our new haircuts and they are actually donating their time to do it! If you haven’t heard, Bangtown Hair Saloon is pretty much the best place in Vancouver to get a haircut! And even more amazing, on December 17, the day we are getting our haircuts, Bangtown will be donating 10% of every service that day to Wigs For Kids BC. So if you need to get your hair cut, call Bangtown and make an appointment for December 17!

I didn’t realize this until I started researching hair donation, but it takes about 10 ponytails to make just one wig! Along with that comes the cost of actually making the wig which can be anywhere from $800-$1000.

To help with the cost, I am trying to raise pledges that I can send along with our ponytails. If you would like to help with our fundraising, we’d be very grateful. Just click on the ‘Donate With BCCF’ link below. It will take you to BC Children’s Hospital Donation page and I’ve started a goal. Just make sure to SCROLL DOWN and click on Donate Now. You can donate directly on that page and you can request a tax receipt as well. Any amount you can give goes a long way!

Donate With BCCF

It is a small thing that we are doing here, but if it can make a difference in one child’s life, it’s worth it! 

20 thoughts on “Cutting Our Hair for a Good Cause

  1. I love this! What an incredible experience to share with your daughter, something for both of you to remember (especially with pictures!). You’re creating an amazing legacy, Salma. <3

  2. What a wonderful idea, Salma! I’m sure you and Kyah will turn some frowns into smiles with your donation. I never knew it took 10 ponytails to make one wig. That’s a ton of ponytails! 🙂

    Does the hair salon actually make ponytails in your hair before they cut it off?

    1. I never realized it was so many either Bonnie! And yes, when they cut your hair, they put it in a ponytail first and that’s how you mail it to Wigs For Kids BC

  3. In 2011 my then 12 year old granddaughter was diagnosed with 4th stage Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and underwent chemo and lost all of her lovely red hair. She received a gift of a beautiful full wig which made losing her hair a whole lot easier to bear. She is now 17, in full remission for almost 4 years and on behalf of my sweet girl, I thank Salma and her sweet girl for their amazing gift of their hair so others can feel better. In the horrible process of watching one of my grandchildren battle the insidious disease I saw many wonderful people doing many wonderful things to help with the process. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your amazing gesture and for teaching your daughter how you can help others, at any time in your life. xoxoxo

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