Dancing Spaghetti Science Experiment

Out of the blue, Keyan asked me if we could do a science experiment. Wanting to encourage his curiosity, we immediately set out to look for an interesting pre-school experiment. We picked one called ‘‘Dancing Spaghetti’ The ingredients were in our cupboards and the instructions seemed simple enough.

Then yesterday evening, Kyah went to bed early and it was the perfect time to get everything set up to make spaghetti move!
Here is the supply list:
– 1 cup of water
– a tall clear glass
– uncooked spaghetti broken into small pieces
-2 teaspoons of baking soda
-5 teaspoons of vinegar
1. Pour the water and baking soda into the clear glass.
2. Make sure to stir it until the baking soda is dissolved and the water is clear.
3. Drop 6-7 pieces of spaghetti into the water. They should sink to the bottom of the glass.
4. Add the vinegar to the glass and watch what happens!
Just a warning, the first two times we did this, the water fizzled, but the spaghetti just stayed at the bottom of the glass. We made a couple of adjustments. One, make sure the baking powder is dissolved, and two, cut the spaghetti into very small pieces.
Once the dancing spaghetti slows down, add more vinegar to keep the party going!
The experiment was fun for both of us and it was some good quality time spent together. Now we’ve decided to do a new experiment each week. If this is something you enjoy doing with your kids, keep a look out for the next time Keyan and I put on our scientist goggles!
Is there an experiment that you and your child really enjoyed doing? I’d love to hear about it and try it out.

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