DIY Chore Chart

Since the kids were old enough, we’ve been giving them little tasks and chores to do. They pick up their plates and cups from the table and put them beside the sink. They make their bed (kind of.) The kids help put away their socks and underwear when the laundry is clean and folded. And we all work together to put the toys away.

DIY chore charts

I’ve been wanting to make chores more structured so that the kids are more responsible for what they have to do and I thought a chore chart would work well. I don’t do a lot of DIY’s but this one was so simple, with only a few supplies. I was able to do it really quickly and it worked out really well. This is the perfect, simple chore chart to get your kids started in helping around the house.

DIY Chore Chart

– White Canvas
–  Black Chalkboard Paint
–  Foam Paint Brush

Chore Chart Supplies

1. Lie a sheet or mat on flat surface where you can paint. Put your canvas down. Pour a a few lines of paint on the canvas at a time and paint up and down in smooth strokes.

2. Let it dry for an hour and then start your second coat. Paint this one horizontally. Let it dry overnight.

painted chore chart

3. Then in the morning, you can get out the chalk and start writing down chores.

This will be the kids chore charts, so you can get them involved in making it by letting them help you paint or making some doodles with chalk on the board. When you hang the board, make sure it’s at the kid’s level so when they do each chore, they can mark it off themselves.

chore chart kids level

For my three-year old, I only put four chores and drew pictures as to what the chores were so she could understand and mark them off herself. (Please overlook my poor excuse for drawing!)

3 year old chore chart
With my five-year olds chart, I put more because I know he is able to do all of those things and I want to get him to be responsible for what he does.

If you are wondering what types of chores are best for different ages I found a good reference guide here: here.

When and how did your children start doing chores? Do you use a Chore Chart?

25 thoughts on “DIY Chore Chart

  1. This was a very interesting article and a great way to create crafts as a lead in to the chores. My daughter, now a tween has been doing chores since she was a toddler. She loves to help. The only challenge is now that she’s getting older, she needs a little more incentive to complete them all. When I tell her she cannot have any playdates until all chores are complete, *poof* everything is magically completed! (smile)

    1. Thanks for your comment. That’s good to hear that setting these habits as a toddler will help for as they get older even though I can imagine there will be more challenges.That’s great that you’ve found incentives that work.

  2. What a great idea to keep track on the kids’ chores and love the chalkboard set-up! Thank you as well for posting a link on what chores best suit what age. My son is 2 and although he does not have fixed chores daily, he’s very game in helping laundry, throwing things away in the trash and “fixing” his room and toys.

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