Easter Egg Hunt

I never grew up celebrating Easter, so no bunny or dinners or egg hunts. And I don’t feel like I missed out. Now that I have my own kids though, Easter seems like a great reason for fun activities, crafts and most of all, the egg hunt!

This year I decided we would do our first Easter egg hunt. However, I am not ready for my little ones to have a free for all with chocolate eggs and candy, so I did it a little differently. I went to the dollar store and bought a pack of large hollow eggs. Then I bought a bunch of cute little fun toys and a couple of baskets.

Then I put one toy in each egg and closed it up. And if you can believe it, all of this stuff cost me less than $12 including taxes! Thrifty and sugar-free! I actually got the idea from a friend who also wanted to give her daughter the fun of an egg hunt without the chocolate and candy and she put healthy treats in the eggs like blueberries, grapes, nuts etc.

The next morning Keyan was super excited to go on the egg hunt and Kyah just wanted to  do what her brother was doing.

And soon they started finding colored eggs to put in their baskets.

Easter can really be a fun time for kids even without over-indulging in sugar. There’s egg decorating, fun crafts and my kids new favorite, the hunt. It’s a great way to start new traditions and new memories.

What is something you like to do with your family and kids this time of year?

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