Fall Themed Craft Party Ideas for Kids

I love Fall. It’s not just that I get to wear cute sweaters and boots, it’s also the changing season, the beautiful colors all around us and the anticipation of all the wonderful holidays and celebrations coming up. Everything from Halloween and Diwali to Thanksgiving and soon enough Christmas is awaited with much anticipation in our house.

This year we thought it would be fun to have a craft party for the kids and some of their friends to celebrate fall. It’s so much fun to get together, but life is so busy, that it doesn’t happen often enough. Let’s face it though, life is better when we are together.

Fall Craft Party Evite

Our first stop was Evite to look at some fall inspired invitations that I could send out. I loved this beautiful golden leaf invitation and I decided to use it to create an inspiration board to get ideas for my Fall Themed Craft Party. Here’s what I came up with: 

#LifesBetterTogether Inspiration Board 11. Fall Play Dough
Play dough is a hit at any playdate, any time of the year. But this special kit from Mama Papa Bubba really caught my eye because of how it accurately depicted the colors and flavours of autumn. It is also a perfect way to add a nature walk to our fall party before coming in to create with the play dough.

2. Apple Stamping
It’s the season for picking apples. Bring in the apples from the orchards for a apple stamping craft party. It’s easy for kids of all ages, it brings up a conversation about fruit and the kids will be proud to hang it on their walls.

3. Pumpkin Decoration

Pumpkins are in abundance this time of year. Pick up a bunch and bring them home for a pumpkin decorating party. There is no carving involved, so no mess. And the kids will have so much fun using their imaginations to create a fabulous pumpkin. Here are 12 different ways to be creative when decorating your pumpkin. 

4. Tree Painting
There is no question that trees are some of the most colorful and spectacular sights during fall. A fun idea for out fall themed craft party for kids would be to re-create an autumn tree. This idea that uses q-tips is great for younger kids and this one for slightly older children would be perfect for a fall party.

Now that I’ve picked the perfect fall Evite invitation, I just need to narrow down which idea we will be doing for our Fall Themed Craft Party for Kids because I kind of love them all! Which activity is your favorite?

If you are planning on having a party to celebrate something this fall, make sure to check out Evite’s great selection of invitations. To help you out, Evite is giving you all 15 Premium Thank You Cards, for FREE! Just use the code SDTHANKYOU15 and it’s good until November 30, 2015.

Life goes by so fast, so make sure to spend time with friends and loved ones and celebrate those special occasions in your life because as I said before, life really is better together.

What is something special you will be celebrating this fall?

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21 thoughts on “Fall Themed Craft Party Ideas for Kids

  1. Love these ideas, because fall is my favorite season (some of the same reasons you said -foliage, sweaters, cool and crisp instead of hot and humid!) I also prefer celebrating fall, harvest, and Thanksgiving over Halloween.

    My oldest granddaughter (just turned 3) has her birthday at the end of September and I can see my daughter doing some of these ideas as my granddaughter gets older (this past birthday, they had a painting party with water color paints).

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I don’t have a little one myself, but I have the best niece. I’m hoping to have her over next weekend and I’ll definitely need to entertain her with some craft ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  3. You brought back great memories of making apple stamps when I was in grade school. I’d long forgotten about these. I remember getting in trouble for eating my craft. And they turn out so cute.

  4. I have used Evite for years. It makes sending invitations effortless. These craft ideas would be fun for the kids. Our next get together is a cookie exchange in early December.

  5. This looks so fun. Sometimes, we forget it’s really fall here because it’s so warm…but some of these things we could do…oh gosh…I so remember apple stamping!!

  6. These are wonderful ideas for fall crafts! I did the apple stamping with my preschoolers last year and it was a big hit! We used the apples to stamp a tree shape with green paint, and then used red and yellow paint to stamp apples on the tree.

  7. What a fun idea for a holiday gathering. Crafting together is a wonderful time of fellowship and friendship. Evite looks like a great way to get organized and get everyone together.

  8. Apple stamping – wow that brings back memories! Potato stamping too, although they weren’t as tasty to steal a bite 🙂
    Great crafty ideas – which did you go with?

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