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I’ve seen so many beautiful pictures from newborn baby family photo shoots. The babies are adorable and the pictures are amazing memories but for some reason I didn’t do that when Keyan was born. I never really thought about it or understood why until Kyah was born, two years later. It was then that I finally felt our family was complete and I was ready to capture it for posterity.

We did our first family photos in August 2011, when Kyah was a few weeks old. We were in Winnipeg and the photographer came to our place. (Well our friends place, because he lived on the 7th floor with lots of windows and natural light.) It was a really great first experience and we were very happy with the photos by Sunny S-H Photography.

After that day, I decided that we would do family pictures every year so we would have a way to (professionally) capture how the kids changed and we grew as a family and share that with our own family and friends.

Then last year, when Kyah was one and Keyan was three, we did our second photo shoot with Talia Potash Photography in Winnipeg.  It was a different experience because this time Kyah was an active participant, not just a lump to mould.

This year we tried an outdoor family photo session with Scott from Sculptures of Light Photography. It was fun being outdoors and in nature. The kids also enjoyed being outside for the pictures and it gave us some really great candid moments and some brother and sister bonding.

Just writing this post and putting all the photos together makes me nostalgic as I see how much the kids have grown and changed each year. It makes me really happy that we decided to get family pictures taken and I’m already looking forward to next year!

Do you take family pictures every year?  What special way do you document your children growing up?

*I was not given any compensation or discounts to write this post. I wanted to share the beautiful photography and photographers that were behind the pictures.

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  1. I actually thought of having professional pics taken this year. So far, we have just taken lots of pics and video ourselves. Every birthday, I create a video of each birthday and upload to Vimeo for my overseas family to see. And of the 10,000 or so photos I take every year between my DSLR and my iPhone, I create an annual photo album printed online through Apple. Otherwise I follow a fairly strict regime of filing my digital photos – which the kids scroll through on my iPhone and flickr every now and then. Oh – I also have a height chart that has photos of the kids at every 5cm increment. I love photos and enjoyed looking through yours!

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